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COMMUNICATIONS DIRECT­Systems and IC solutions for demanding markets: Volume 2, No. 2 (December, 1996, 8 pages). Features articles on Broadband, low-cost ADSL chipset, cable modems. And more . . . FREE

Amplitude modulation of the AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesizer, by Richard Cushing [2 pp., AN-423].

High-speed data acquisition using the RTI®-2100 Series, by Jim Maxwell [8 pp., AN-421].

AD8400/AD8402/AD8403 1-/2-/4-channel digital potentiometers.

AD73311 Low-cost, low-power CMOS general-purpose analog front end. [Codec for consumer and telephony applications includes 16-bit A/D and 16-bit D/A channels.]

ADDC02808PB 28-V, 200-W pulsed DC-DC converter with integral EMI filter.

ADP1173 Micropower DC-DC converter.

ADP3302 High-precision anyCAP™ dual low-dropout linear regulator.

OP184/OP284/OP484 Precision rail-to-rail input & output single/dual/quad operational amplifiers.

RTI-2100 Series Real-time data-acquisition system and RTI-2100 Series Software Software support­DOS and Windows.

5B08/5B08-MUX 5B Series: 8-channel backplanes.

NEW PATENTS [not available from Analog Devices]
5,568,145 to David Reynolds for MOS current source layout technique to minimize deviation ••• 5,572,166 to Barrie Gilbert for Linear-in-decibel variable-gain amplifier ••• 5,574,392 to Edward Jordan for Asymmetrical ramp generator system ••• 5,574,454 to James Wilson and Ronald Cellini for Digital phase-locked loop utilizing a high-order sigma-delta modulator ••• 5,578,224 to Theresa Core for Method of making micromachined device with ground plane under sensor ••• 5,583,290 to Stephen Lewis for Micromechanical apparatus with limited actuation bandwidth ••• 5,583,713 to Peter Real, Mairtin Walsh, Kenneth Deevy, Patrick Griffin, and Philip Quinlan for Pipelined demodulation and ADC conversion scheme for disk drive servo system ••• 5,585,757 to Douglas Frey for Explicit log-domain root-mean-square detector ••• 5,587,689 to Derek Bowers for Voltage controlled amplifier with a negative resistance circuit for reducing nonlinearity distortion ••• 5,589,785 to Patrick J. Garavan for Low-voltage CMOS comparator ••• 5,589,791 to Barrie Gilbert for Variable gain mixer having improved linearity and lower switching noise ••• 5,589,792 to A. Paul Brokaw for Resistor programmable temperature switch ••• 5,591,996 to Geoffrey Haigh and Scott Munroe forRecirculating charge transfer magnetic field sensor ••• 5,592,120 to Wyn Palmer and Fernando Viana for Charge pump system ••• 5,594,266 to David Beigel, William Krieger, and Susan Feindt for Integrated circuit (IC) with a two-terminal diode device to protect metal-oxide-metal capacitors from ESD damage.

Notice: In the last issue (Analog Dialogue 30-4), the article “Voltage Regulation for Power Management” (pp. 1315) showed a circuit to maintain two regulated 3-V outputs, using a Lilon battery (Figure 2). The circuit was designed and built by Hendrik Santos. The ADP3000, used in that circuit, was designed by James Ashe; and the ADP3302 was designed by A. Paul Brokaw and Giovanni Pietrobon.­Ed.