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Editor's Notes

Dan Sheingold

In Volume 15­ 1 (1981), in celebration of 15 years in print, we listed the first 15 years of Analog Dialogue cover features. At that time, we wrote: “ . . . will mark the 15th year of publication of this journal, and the 13th year of our stewardship. While adding a copy of the [most recent] issue to our bulging binder, we nostalgically turned the pages of issues long forgotten. The amount of technological progress reported in them surprised even us. Before the list expands beyond the capacity of this column, we thought you might be interested in seeing a roll of just the cover stories alone, though much significant progress never attained the cover.” In this spirit, in celebration of our 30th year in print (and 28th of stewardship), here are the second 15 years of cover themes:

1981 15­ 2 D/A converters for graphic displays
1982 16­ 1 High­ performance hybrid­ circuit isolation amp (AD293)
16­ 2 Dual monolithic multiplying DACs (AD7528)
16­ 3 Monolithic instrumentation amplifier (AD524)
and thermocouple preamp (AD594)
1983 17­ 1 CMOS ICs for digital signal processing
17­ 2 Quad CMOS DAC with buffered voltage outputs
1984 18­ 1 Amplifier noise basics revisited
18­ 2 Monolithic V­ out µP­ compatible 12­ bit DAC (AD667)
18­ 3 An intelligent vision system for industrial image analysis
1985 19­ 1 Multifunction analog IC computes y(z/x)m, etc. (AD538)
1986 20­ 1 Low­ cost, high­ performance, compact iso amps (AD202/4)
20­ 2 Fast, flexible CMOS DSP µP (ADSP­ 2100)
1987 24­ 1 Monolithic process­ control transmitters (AD693)
21­ 2 Complete 8­ bit 400­ ksps analog I/O (AD7569)
1988 22­ 1 Chipset for 50­ Mbit/s digital data recovery (AD890/891)
22­ 2 200­ MSPS 8­ bit IC ADC with 250­ MHz BW (AD770)
1989 23­ 1 Isolated sensor­ to­ serial with a screwdriver (6B Series)
23­ 2 Single­ chip DSP microcomputer (ADSP­ 2101)
23­ 3 DC­ 120­ MHz IC log amp­accurate compression (AD640)
23­ 4 Pin electronics for high­ speed ATE (AD1315/1521/22)
1990 24­ 1 Monolithic 75­ MSPS 10­ bit flash converter (AD9060)
24­ 2 Mixed­ signal processor: DSP/ADC/DAC (ADSP­ 21msp50)
24­ 3 RAM­ DAC upgrade enhances VGA graphics (AD7148)
1991 25­ 1 Pro­ Logic decoder: Dolby“ Surround Sound” (SSM2125)
25­ 2 ADSP­ 21020 floating­ point high­ speed DSP
1992 26­ 1 Mixed­ signal chips drive digital radio (AD7001/7002)
26­ 2 Wideband “ linear in dB” VCA (AD600/602)
1993 27­ 1 Fast precise 155­ Mbps fiberoptic timing recovery (AD802)
27­ 2 Single­ chip micromachined accelerometer (ADXL50)
1994 28­ 1 Dual­ setpoint single­ chip temperature controller (TMP01)
28­ 2 Complete, low­ distortion 500­ MHz IC mixer (AD831)
28­ 3 SHARC Floating­ point DSP: tops in memory, performance
1995 29­ 1 Integrated stereo codecs for multimedia (AD1843/1845)
29­ 2 Meeting the challenges of high speed
29­ 3 Considerations in low­ power, single­ supply system design
1996 30­ 1 Read­ channel processor uses PRML with MR heads
30­ 2 DSP­ based chip set for ac motor control (ADMC201)
30­ 3 CMOS DACs optimized for transmit path (AD976x family)
30­ 4 Dual­ axis accelerometer (ADXL250)

Howard Samuels is a Product Development Engineer in ADI’s Micromachined Products Division in Wilmington, MA. He joined Analog after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982 with a BS in EE and Applied Mathematics. He holds several patents and has published articles in trade magazines. Howard has designed signal conditioners and isolators, including the AD210 3­ port isolator. When not at work, he enjoys caring for and taking pictures of his new baby.

Matt Smith is a Senior Applications Engineer at our Limerick, Ireland, facility. He is responsible for Interface and Supervisory products. He holds a B.Eng from the University of Limerick. His leisure interests include playing squash, motor maintenance and more recently, woodworking.

Bill Slattery has marketing responsibility for products of the Digital Video Group at ADI’s Limerick facility, including video DACs, RAM­ DACs, and video encoders & decoders. Earlier, he worked as a Senior Engineer in the Applications Group in Limerick. Bill has a BSc (Eng) degree from the University of Dublin (Trinity College) and an MBA from the University of Limerick. A licensed private pilot, he enjoys flying his airplane.

Jürgen Kühnel is a Senior Marketing Engineer for Power Management products, located in Munich. Since joining ADI in 1984, he has had various roles in Sales and Marketing in Central Europe. His Dipl. Ing. is from the Technische Fachhochschule in Berlin, and he worked for several years as a system designer in medical and chemical instrumentation. In his spare time he likes riding on two wheels (powered or not) and designing electronic systems for his model railroad.

Dave Robertson is a design engineer in the Analog Devices High-Speed Converter group in Wilmington, MA. His photo and a brief biography appeared in Analog Dialogue 30-3.

Erik Barnes is an Applications Engineer for ADI’s High Speed Converter Group in Wilmington, MA. His photo and a brief biography appeared in Analog Dialogue 30-3.

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