Real Analog Introductory Analog Electrical Circuit Classes

Real Analog is a comprehensive set of educational materials designed for use in introductory analog electrical circuit classes. The materials are presented as a series of chapters, just like a traditional textbook. Each chapter corresponds to approximately one week of instruction in a typical university setting and contains:

  • Three videotaped lectures
  • Written materials corresponding to material presented in the lectures
  • Exercises corresponding to individual lectures, designed to provide the student with immediate reinforcement of specific lecture topics
  • Homework assignments
  • Lab assignments, with an associated overview lecture describing the lab assignment goals and procedures

Real Analog provides both theoretical concepts as well as practical applications of these concepts. Use of the presented circuit analysis techniques in the context of circuit design is thus emphasised where possible, especially in the lab assignments. Experience indicates that this approach enhances student enjoyment and interest in the topics presented and improves comprehension of basic concepts.

Real Analog: Circuits 1

Real Analog : Circuits 2
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Labs Around Analog Discovery and Analog Explorer Boards

Lab assignments are built around use of the Analog Discovery and Analog Explorer boards provided by Digilent; students are encouraged to acquire a board and parts kit, since recent studies have shown that students with unrestricted access to design tools learn better, learn faster, and have a more enjoyable experience. Further, when more student work is performed outside the lab, teaching resources can be selectively applied where they are needed most.

Introductory labs

The intro labs will help you get familiar with your Analog Discovery Kit.

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