Glossary of EE Terms


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  • Water Analysis

    Typically a specific form of microscopy, focusing on a certain span of wavelength is used to analyze water. Also, other sensors, such as pH sensors can be used as well. Typically they are looking for pH or oxygen content.

  • Waveform Generation

    This is the creation via analog or digital means of various types of radio waveforms for transmission. Waveform generators are used both in test and evaluation systems or to generate signals and carriers for end use applications, such as radar pulses.

  • Wavelet

    A mathematical algorithm that is used to efficiently compress and decompress the phase & frequency information that is contained in a transmitted signal.

  • Wiper Resistance - RW

    The wiper resistance is the resistance of the transmission gate, which is the physical switch that implements the data conversion.

  • Wireless Telephony

    The idea of replacing the conventional twisted pair telephone service to the home with a wireless RF connection. High-speed digital communications techniques would be utilized to allow enhanced telephone, multimedia, and data services to be transmitted over the airwaves to the home subscriber. In this scenario, the link to the information highway will be wireless.

  • Worst Other Spur

    The ratio of the rms signal amplitude to the rms value of the worst spurious component (excluding the second and third harmonic) reported in dBc.

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