Glossary of EE Terms


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  • Back Chamber

    The back chamber is the enclosed air volume behind the microphone element.

  • Backplate

    The backplate is the stationary part of the condenser.

  • Bandwidth

    More commonly associated with ADCs, bandwidth is the input frequency range over which an ADC can be operated before its transfer function causes the digitized output to decrease in amplitude by 3 dB when the input remains constant. Bandwidth is usually specified under two conditions: with a full scale input signal and with a small scale input signal.

  • Bandwidth1 - BW

    Frequency at which the output falls to 2/2 of the maximum value.

  • Base Station

    The central transmitter in a communications system that acts as the cell hub for communicating with handsets and/or mobile units.

  • Baseband

    The frequency bandwidth of the fundamental signal of interest, i.e., the voice, audio, or video signal bandwidth within a communication system.

  • Baud Rate

    The speed at which data is transmitted measured in symbols-per-second.

  • Bias Voltage, Vbias

    This is the voltage supplied to the microphone backplate.

  • Bipolar Zero Error

    For bipolar input ADCs, this is the deviation of the midscale transition (all 0s to all 1s) from the ideal AGND – 1/2 LSB.

  • Bistatic Radar

    Bistatic radar is the name given to a radar system which comprises a transmitter and receiver which are separated by a distance that is comparable to the expected target distance.

  • Bit Rate

    The rate of transfer of information necessary to insure satisfactory reproduction of the information at the receiver.

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