RF Switches

The ADG901 series are the highest bandwidth CMOS switches and multiplexers available. The standard CMOS process and integrated TTL drivers contribute to a reduced solution cost and PCB board space compared to most GaAs-based solutions. SPST, SPDT and SP4T versions (reflective and absorptive) are available for a wide range of low power (up to 16dBm) applications including antenna switching, filter switching and tuner applications.

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RF-Switches (Bandwidth >/= 2.5 GHz)

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Type# Sw FunctionsSupply VoltageInsertion Loss (typ)Bandwidth -3dB (typ)P-1dB output (typ)Off Isolation (dB)Off Isolation Test FrequCross Talk (Typ)t ON switching timet OFF Switching TimeAbsorptive/ReflectivePrice* (1000 pcs.)
ADG901SPST1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.84.5GHz17371GHz-3.6ns5.8nsAbsorptive $0.98
ADG902SPST1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.84.5GHz17371GHz-3.6ns5.8nsReflective $0.98
ADG904SP4T4Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.42.5GHz1660100MHz588.5ns13nsBoth Available $1.42
ADG918SPDT1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V); Single (+2.5V)0.84GHz17431GHz336.6ns6.5nsAbsorptive $1.03
ADG919SPDT1Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.84GHz17431GHz336.6ns6.5nsReflective $1.03
ADG936SPDT2Single (+1.65V to +2.75V)0.44GHz1660100MHz6911ns10nsBoth Available $1.46
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