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AD8229:  1 nV/√Hz Low Noise 210°C Instrumentation Amplifier

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The AD8229 is an ultralow noise instrumentation amplifier designed for measuring small signals in the presence of large common-mode voltages and high temperatures.

The AD8229 has been designed for high temperature operation. The process is dielectrically isolated to avoid leakage currents at high temperatures. The design architecture was chosen to compensate for the low VBE voltages at high temperatures.

The AD8229 excels at measuring tiny signals. It delivers industry leading 1 nV/√Hz input noise performance. The high CMRR of the AD8229 prevents unwanted signals from corrupting the acquisition. The CMRR increases as the gain increases, offering high rejection when it is most needed.

The AD8229 is one of the fastest instrumentation amplifiers available. Its current feedback architecture provides high bandwidth at high gain, for example, 1.2 MHz at G = 100. The design includes circuitry to improve settling time after large input voltage transients. The AD8229 was designed for excellent distortion performance, allowing use in demanding applications such as vibration analysis.

Gain is set from 1 to 1000 with a single resistor. A reference pin allows the user to offset the output voltage. This feature can be useful when interfacing with analog-to-digital converters.

For the most demanding applications, the AD8229 is available in an 8-lead side-brazed ceramic dual in-line package (SBDIP). For space-constrained applications, the AD8229 is available in an 8-lead plastic standard small outline package (SOIC).

The AD8229 is also available as Known Good Die

  • Down-hole instrumentation
  • Harsh environment data acquisition
  • Exhaust gas measurements
  • Vibration analysis


  • Designed for 210°C operation
  • Low noise
    -- 1 nV/√Hz input noise
    -- 45 nV/√Hz output noise
  • High CMRR
    -- 126 dB (min) at G = 100
    -- 80 dB (min) to
    5 kHz, G = 1
  • Excellent ac specifications
    -- 15 MHz bandwidth (G = 1)
    -- 1.2 MHz bandwidth
    (G = 100)
    -- 22 V/μs slew rate
    -- THD: 130 dBc
    (1 kHz, G = 1)
  • Versatile
    -- ±4 V to ±17 V dual supply
    -- Gain set with single resistor (G = 1 to 1000)
    -- Temperature range:
    −40°C to +210°C SBDIP package
    −40°C to +175°C SOIC pkg

AD8229 is also available as Known Good Die

Functional Block Diagram for AD8229

Video: Learn more about the AD8229 low-noise in-amp for high temperature operation.


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AD8229: 1nV/√Hz Low Noise 210°C Instrumentation Amplifier Data Sheet (Rev B, 02/2012) (pdf, 824 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AD8229 Known Good Die Data Sheet (Rev 0, 08/2011) (pdf, 144 kB) Data Sheets PDF
High Temperature Operation of the ADXL206 and AD8229
The 175 °C rated ADXL206 accelerometer and the 210 °C rated AD8229 instrumentation amplifier are used to plot the thermal gradient in a rotisserie oven by combining inclination angle and thermocouple temperature measurements.
Videos HTML
High Temperature Operation of an In Amp and Accelerometer
This video shows the high temperation operation of the AD8229 Instrumentation Amplifier (210 C) and the ADXL206 Accelerometer (175 C). Both parts were designed from 'the ground up' and are the first products of their kind in the market.
Videos HTML
AD8229: High temperature, Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifier
The AD8229 is designed to withstand temperatures of 210 degree Celsius. It is ideally suited for extreme environments such as aircraft engines and down hole drilling.
Videos HTML
UG-261: Evaluation Boards for the AD62x, AD822x and AD842x Series  (pdf, 604 kB) User Guides PDF
MS-2707: Harsh Environments Conquered - Low Power, Precision, High Temperature Components for Extreme High Temperature Applications  (pdf, 1574 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Fastest, Most Accurate and Lowest Power High-Temperature SAR A/D Converter (08 Oct 2014) Press Releases HTML
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML

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AD8229 SPICE Macro-Model SPICE Models HTML

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AD8229 Model Options
Model Package Pins Temp.
Price RoHS View PCN/ PDN Check Inventory/
AD8229-KGD-CHIPS Status: Production CHIPS OR DIE 0 Ind Tray, 165 - Y  Material Info Notify Me Contact ADI
AD8229HDZ Status: Production 8 ld Side-Brazed CerDIP 8 Ind Tube, 35 - Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
AD8229HRZ Status: Production SOIC 150 MIL 8 Tube, 98 - Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
AD8229HRZ-R7 Status: Production SOIC 150 MIL 8 Reel, 1000 - Y  Material Info Notify Me Purchase
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EVAL-INAMP-62RZ Status: Production AD620/621/AD622/623/627/AD8223 SOIC Eval Board $40.23 Yes -
EVAL-INAMP-ICF-RMZ Status: Production AD8420/AD8237 MSOP Eval Board $34.58 Yes -
EVAL-INAMP-82RMZ Status: Production AD8220/8221/8226/8227/8228/8236/8421/8422 MSOP Eval Board $34.49 Yes -
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