Thermocouple Interface

ADI offers specialized precision thermocouple interface amplifiers that provide a simple and effective solution for measuring thermocouple temperatures. With features such as integrated cold junction compensation and a high-gain precision instrumentation amplifier, the AD849x and AD59x provide a complete signal conditioning system in one IC package customized for J and K type thermocouples. ADI’s thermocouple amplifiers provide a linear output voltage of 5mV/°C or 10mV/°C, and are suitable for use in laboratory environments as well as more hostile or uncontrolled environments, to measure a wide range of temperatures. These products will save you in cost, space, and unnecessary circuit design across a broad range of applications and industries.

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Thermocouple Interface

Part# 25°C Temp Error (Deg C)Sensor OutputSupply Voltage RangeSupply CurrentTemp Range(s)Output TypeFeaturesUS Price 1000-4999
AD84941Deg+5 mV/°C +2.7V to ±18V180µA-40 to +125Analog- $1.75
AD84961.5Deg+5 mV/°C +2.7V to ±18V180µA-40 to +125AnalogThermocouple Interface $1.75
AD8495Reference Circuit Available1Deg+5 mV/°C +2.7V to ±18V180µA-40 to +125Analog- $1.75
AD84971.5Deg+5 mV/°C +2.7V to ±18V180µA-40 to +125AnalogThermocouple Interface $1.75
AD596-+10 mV/°C+Vs to -Vs = 30Vmax300µA-55 to +125AnalogThermocouple fail alarm $10.1
AD597-+10 mV/°C+Vs to -Vs = 30Vmax300µA-55 to +125AnalogThermocouple fail alarm $2.84
AD5951Deg+10 mV/°C+4.5V to +5.5V300µA-55 to +125AnalogThermocouple failure alarm $8.34
AD5941Deg+10 mV/°C+4.5V to +5.5V300µA-55 to +125AnalogJ Thermocouple and CJC $8.34
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