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Modulators and demodulators from Analog Devices operate at frequencies up to 6 GHz and feature a combination of high performance, broadband operating frequency, and flexibility.

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    Circuits from the Lab

    CN-0144: Broadband Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter Using LO Divide-by-2 Modulator (pdf 198 KB)

    CN-0134: Broadband Low Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Direct Conversion Transmitter (pdf, 397 KB)

    CN-0070: Precise Control of I/Q Modulator Output Power Using the ADL5386 Quadrature Modulator and the AD5621 12-Bit DAC (pdf, 128 KB)

    CN:0062: Interfacing the ADL5382 Quadrature I/Q Demodulator to the AD9262 16-Bit Continuous Time Sigma-Delta ADC as an RF-to-Bits Solution (pdf, 104 KB)

    CN-0021: Interfacing the ADL5375 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 132 KB)

    CN-0020: Interfacing the ADL5374 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 127 KB)

    CN-0019: Interfacing the ADL5373 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 127 KB)

    CN-0018: Interfacing the ADL5372 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 122 KB)

    CN-0017: Interfacing the ADL5371 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 122 KB)

    CN-0016: Interfacing the ADL5370 I/Q Modulator to the AD9779A Dual-Channel, 1 GSPS High Speed DAC (pdf, 122 KB)

    Modulators/Demodulators Application Notes

    AN-1100: Wireless Transmitter IQ Balance and Sideband Suppression (pdf, 185 KB)

    AN-0996: The Advantages of Using a Quadrature Digital Upconverter (QDUC) in Point-to-Point Microwave Transmit Systems"> (pdf, 219 KB)

    AN-920: Gain, LO, and Phase Compensation in a Single Sideband Transmitter Using the AD9788 TxDAC and ADL5372 Quadrature Modulator (pdf, 232 KB)

    AN-0974: Multicarrier TD-SCMA Feasibility (pdf, 634 KB)

    AN-924: Digital Quadrature Modulator Gain (pdf, 105 KB)

    AN-1039: Correcting Imperfections in IQ Modulators to Improve RF Signal Fidelity (pdf, 202 kB)

    AN-808: Multicarrier CDMA2000 Feasibility (pdf, 1535 kB)
    The goal of this application note is to determine the feasibility of implementing a multicarrier CDMA2000 transceiver and what the major subsystem performances must be.

    AN-826: A 2.4 GHz WiMAX Direct Conversion Transmitter (pdf, 417 KB)

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Design Conference 2013


Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)Noise Figure (dB)Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentOutput IP3VGA Range (dB)P1dB (dBm)IQ FrequencyPhase AccuracyAmplitude Error
ADL5380Reference Circuit Available400MHz6GHz11.7dB4.75 to 5.25245mA27.8dBm-11.6dBm390MHz0.2Deg0.07dB
ADL5382Reference Circuit Available700MHz2.7GHz15.6dB4.75 to 5.25220mA30.5dBm-14.4dBm370MHz0.2Deg0.05dB
AD83390Hz50MHz-4.5 to 5.535mA31dBm--50MHz1Deg0.25dB
ADL5387Reference Circuit Available30MHz2GHz12dB4.75 to 5.25180mA31dBm-13dBm240MHz0.4Deg0.05dB
AD83330Hz50MHz-+/- 544mA30dBm---0.1Deg0.05dB
AD834850MHz1GHz10.75dB2.7 to 5.548mA28dBm45dB13dBm125MHz0.5Deg0.25dB
AD8347800MHz2.7GHz11dB2.7 to 5.564mA11.5dBm69.5dB-2dBm65MHz1Deg0.3dB
AD6300Hz2MHz-+/- 155mA------
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Demodulators w/ Integrated LO

Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)Noise Figure (dB)Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentIIP3VGA Range (dB)P1dB (dBm)IQ FrequencyPhase AccuracyAmplitude Error
ADRF6807700MHz1.05GHz13.1dB4.75 to 5.2586mA26.7dBm-12.8dBm170MHz0.5Deg0.1dB
ADRF6801Reference Circuit Available750MHz1.15GHz14.3dB4.75 to 5.25262mA25dBm-12.5dBm275MHz0.3Deg0.05dB
ADRF680650MHz525MHz12.2dB4.75 to 5.2586mA28.5dBm-12.2dBm170MHz0.5Deg0.1dB
ADRF6850100MHz1GHz11dB3.15 to 3.45350mA22.5dBm60dB12dBm300MHz0.5Deg0.1dB
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Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)IQ BWSideband Suppress (dBc)Carrier SuppressNoise Floor (dBm/Hz)Output IP3P1dB (dBm)Voltage Supply (V)Supply Current
ADRF6701400MHz1.25GHz750Hz-40dBc-46.2dBm159.430.1dBm10.1dBm4.75 to 5.25240mA
ADL5386Reference Circuit Available50MHz2.2GHz700MHz-46dBc-38dBm-16025dBm11.1dBm4.75 to 5.5230mA
ADL5375Reference Circuit Available400MHz6GHz750MHz-49.9dBc-39.9dBm-157.123.4dBm10dBm-174mA
ADL5373Reference Circuit Available2.3GHz3GHz500MHz-57dBc-32dBm-157.126dBm13.8dBm4.75 to 5.25174mA
ADL5374Reference Circuit Available3GHz4GHz500MHz-50dBc-32.8dBm-159.622.8dBm12dBm4.75 to 5.25173mA
ADL5590869MHz960MHz250MHz-50dBc-44.3dBm-156.629dBm16dBm4.75 to 5.25170mA
ADL55911.805GHz1.99GHz250MHz-47dBc-39.3dBm-15730dBm16dBm4.75 to 5.25170mA
ADL5371Reference Circuit Available500MHz1.5GHz500MHz-55dBc-50dBm-158.627dBm14.4dBm4.75 to 5.25175mA
ADL5372Reference Circuit Available1.5GHz2.5GHz500MHz-45dBc-45dBm-15827dBm14.2dBm4.75 to 5.25165mA
ADL5370Reference Circuit Available300MHz1GHz350MHz-41dBc-50dBm-16024dBm11dBm4.75 to 5.25205mA
ADL5385Reference Circuit Available30MHz2.2GHz500MHz-50dBc-46dBm-15926dBm11dBm4.75 to 5.5215mA
AD8349700MHz2.7GHz160MHz-35dBc-45dBm-15521dBm7.6dBm4.75 to 5.5135mA
AD8345140MHz1GHz80MHz-42dBc-42dBm-15525dBm2.5dBm2.7 to 5.565mA
AD8346800MHz2.5GHz70MHz-36dBc-42dBm-14720dBm-3dBm2.7 to 5.545mA
AD6300Hz2MHz------+/- 155mA
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Modulators w/ LO

Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)Baseband Input BW (MHz)Sideband Suppress (dBc)Noise Floor (dBm/Hz)Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentOutput IP3P1dB (dBm)Carrier Suppress
ADRF6755300MHz2.3GHz250MHz-45dBc-1624.75 to 5.25350mA20.5dBm8dBm-45dBm
ADRF67042.05GHz3GHz750Hz-37.7dBc-158.34.75 to 5.25226mA27.2dBm12.1dBm-40.6dBm
ADRF67031.55GHz2.65GHz750Hz-44dBc-159.74.75 to 5.25240mA32.7dBm13.5dBm-46dBm
ADRF6702Reference Circuit Available1.2GHz2.4GHz750Hz-53.9dBc-159.64.75 to 5.25240mA30.1dBm13.6dBm-40.6dBm
ADRF6750950MHz1.575GHz250Hz-45dBc-1624.75 to 5.25310mA23dBm8.5dBm-45dBm
ADF9010840MHz960MHz20Hz-46dBc-1583.15 to 3.45360mA24dBm10dBm-40dBm
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Vector Modulators

Part# Min RF Frequency (MHz)Max RF Frequency (MHz)Sideband Suppress (dBc)Output IP3P1dB (dBm)Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentIQ FrequencyCarrier SuppressIP1 (dB)
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