Reference Designs & Solutions

Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab® reference designs are engineered and tested for quick and easy system integration to help solve today's analog, mixed-signal, and RF design challenges.

SPICE Circuits

Download our collection of useful SPICE applications circuits.
(zip, 2,916,352 bytes)

Download SPICE Circuits

ADIsimPE Beta

Download the free ADIsimPE by SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, Personal Edition Circuit Simulator for the design and development of analog and mixed-signal circuit.

CTA: Download ADIsimPE Beta

Power Reference Designs

Learn how to power your application from our real-world power management solutions created by our Application Engineers. Each power reference design includes schematics, bill of materials, and performance diagrams.

View Power Reference Designs

Applications Sites

Research and design with confidence using ADI's dedicated market application sites devoted to providing a simple and comprehensive technical resource for design engineers.

View List of ADI Applications Sites
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