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ADF7030-1 Design Package (Rev. 1.0.0) (Zip)

This design package is a complete documentation and resource package for the ADF7030-1. It is recommended to download this package as a starting point for evaluation and development. It contains manuals, application notes, hardware information, and firmware modules. After download of the design package zip file, unzip the package and run the included .exe installer to install the design package.

Product Details

The ADF7030-1 is a fully integrated, radio transceiver achieving high performance at very low power. The ADF7030-1 is ideally suited for applications that require long range, network robustness, and long battery life. It is suitable for applications that operate in the ISM, SRD, and licensed frequency bands at 169.4 MHz to 169.6 MHz, 426 MHz to 470 MHz, and 863 MHz to 960 MHz. It provides extensive support for standards-based protocols like IEEE802.15.4g while also providing flexibility to support a wide range of proprietary protocols.

The highly configurable low intermediate frequency (IF) receiver supports a large range of receiver channel bandwidths from 2.6 kHz to 738 kHz. This range of receiver channel bandwidths allows the ADF7030-1 to support ultranarrow-band, narrowband, and wideband channel spacing.

The ADF7030-1 features two independent PAs supporting output power ranges of −20 dBm to +13 dBm and −20 dBm to +17 dBm. The PAs support ultrafine adjustment of the power with a step resolution of 0.1 dB. The PA output power is exceptionally robust over temperature and voltage. The PAs have an automatic power ramp control to limit spectral splatter to meet regulatory standards.

The ADF7030-1 features an on-chip ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor that performs radio control, radio calibration, and packet management. Cortex-M0 eases the processing burden of the host processor because the ADF7030-1 integrates the lower layers of a typical communication protocol stack. This internal processor also permits the download and execution of Analog Devices, Inc., provided firmware modules that can extend the functionality of the ADF7030-1.

The ADF7030-1 has two packet modes: generic packet mode and IEEE802.15.4g mode. In generic packet mode, the packet format is highly flexible and fully programmable, thereby ensuring its compatibility with proprietary packet formats. In IEEE802.15.4g packet mode, the packet format conforms to the IEEE802.15.4g standard. FEC, as per the IEEE802.15.4g standard, is also supported.

The ADF7030-1 operates with a power supply range of 2.2 V to 3.6 V and has very low power consumption in both Tx and Rx modes, enabling long lifetimes in battery-operated systems. An ultralow power deep sleep mode achieves a typical current of 10 nA with the configuration memory retained.

The ADF7030-1 supports smart wake mode (SWM) where the ADF7030-1 can wake up autonomously from sleep using an internal real-time clock (RTC) without intervention from the host processor. After wake-up, the ADF7030-1 operates autonomously. This functionality allows carrier sense, packet sniffing, and packet reception while the host processor is in sleep mode, thereby reducing overall system current consumption. The ADF7030-1 autonomous operation can also be triggered by the host processor using the interrupt input of the ADF7030-1.

A complete wireless solution can be built using a small number of external discrete components and a host processor (typically a microcontroller). The host processor can configure the ADF7030-1 using a simple command-based protocol over a standard 4-wire SPI interface. A single-byte command transitions the radio between states or performs a radio function.

The ADF7030-1 is available in two package types: a 6 mm × 6 mm, 40-lead LFCSP and a 7 mm × 7 mm, 48-lead LQFP. Both package types use NiPdAu plating to mitigate against silver migration in high humidity applications. The ADF7030-1 operating temperature range is −40°C to +85°C.

Product Lifecycle

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Evaluation Kits


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EVAL-ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT Circuit Diagram

EVAL-ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT Photo

Product Details

The ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT® is an evaluation and development system for the ADF7030-1 high performance, sub-GHz, RF transceiver. Four EZ-KIT models are available for the ADF7030-1, covering various frequency ranges.

Each ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT allows fast and thorough evaluation of the ADF7030-1 radio and provides a platform for host processor code development using the ADuCM3029 EZ-KIT mother board (ADZS-UCM3029EZLITE).

The ADF7030-1 EZ-KIT consists of the following:

  • RF daughter boards.
  • Antennae for over the air packet error rate testing.
  • ADuCM3029 EZ-KIT mother board and LCD shield for evaluation and development with the ADF7030-1. The ADF7030-1 daughter boards plug into this mother board.
  • ADF7030-1 Design Center, a graphical user interface (GUI) for evaluation of the ADF7030-1. The GUI can be used for configuring the ADF7030-1, evaluating transmit and receive operation, and transmitting and receiving packets.

Software & Systems Requirements


Device Drivers

Design Resources

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