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Analog Devices Releases First Dolby-Certified SHARC® Processor for Dolby® Atmos® Cinema Sound Decoding in Home Theater Systems

ADI’s Analog Microcontroller with ARM Cortex M3 and Dual 24-Bit Sigma-delta A/D Converters Offers Highest Accuracy, Lowest Power

Analog Devices Becomes a Platinum Member of the Embedded Vision Alliance

Leading Sports Motion Research Center Adopts Analog Devices' MEMS Sensor Technology to Train Competitive Rowers

Analog Devices is the Conference Sponsor of DesignMED West
Feb 8-10, 2011, Anaheim, CA

Analog Devices Expands Development Facility
in Bangalore, India.

Yamaha’s NeoHD Media Controllers Use Analog Devices’ Blackfin® Processor
for Intuitive Control and Enhanced System Performance.

Analog Devices Extends High Performance, Low Power Floating Point Processing Precision
to New Class of Designs with Latest Expansion of SHARC DSP Portfolio.

Analog Devices Honors Strategic Suppliers
for Overall Excellence in Meeting Company’s Rigorous Manufacturing Standards.

Analog Devices Offers Free Image Processing Software Modules
for Developers of Complex Image and Video Processing Applications.

Silentium Uses Blackfin Processors
to Bring Active Noise Cancellation to a Multitude of Applications.

New Blackfin Processors from Analog Devices
Break Price/Performance Barriers for Industrial Applications.

Analog Devices Completes Strategic Manufacturing Upgrades.

TEAC Corporation Selects Analog Devices’ Blackfin Processor
for Innovative, Portable Chromatic Tuner/Recorder.

Northern Power Systems’ Wind Turbines Generate Clean Energy
with help from Analog Devices’ SHARC Processors.

KarmelSonix Asthma Management Devices Utilize Analog Devices’ Technology
for Disease Management.

Mitsubishi Electric Selects Analog Devices’ SHARC Processor
for its Automotive Digital Process Center.

UTAS Medical Equipment Ensures High Quality Patient Care
with Help from Analog Devices’ Blackfin Processors.

Analog Devices and Arcturus Supply
IP Media Development Kit and Ready-To-Use Module Based on Blackfin Processor.

Rigol Selects Analog Devices’ Blackfin Processors to Build Powerful Functionality
into Award-Winning Test and Measurement Equipment.

Analog Devices’ Blackfin Helps Young Inventors
Win Junior Championship at Robocup 2009

ADI's Blackfin Powers
Siemens’ Smart Meter Solution – AMIS.

Spoerle’s Embedded Platform Concept Leverages Analog Devices Parts
To Make Development “As Easy As Possible."

Analog Devices’ Blackfin ® and Factum’s Middleware
Enable Single-Chip Solution for DAB/ DAB +/DMB Receivers.

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