Serializer/Deserializers & Selector Muxes

Serializer/Deserializer muxes use both rising and falling edges of the clock to serialize the data from parallel inputs to serial output while demuxes deserialize the data from its serial input to parallel outputs. Selector muxes routes the differential inputs to either one or more of the desired outputs upon assertion of the appropriately selected port. Muxes can be used in various applications including High Data Rate Ethernet, Fiber Communication, Signal Routing and Broadband Test & Measurement Equipment.

Serializers/De-Serializers & Selectors

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SortOrderPart#FunctionData Rate (max)
Clock Input (max)
Output Fall Time (typ)
(s p-p)
Output Rise Time (typ)
(s p-p)
Vout p-p (min)
(V p-p)
Vout p-p (max)
(V p-p)
Vout p-p (typ)
(V p-p)
Power (typ)
Vs (typ)
US Price 100 to 499
($ US)
1HMC958 Selector Mux/De-Mux 14G 14G 17p 17p 500m 1.3 1.1 294m -3.3 $159.07
2HMC955 Serializer/De-Serializer 32G 16G 19p 19p 850m--- -3.3 $235.40
3HMC954 Serializer/De-Serializer 32G 16G 15p 15p 1.1 1.5-- -3.3 $235.40
4HMC858 Selector Mux/De-Mux 14G 14G 20p 19p 500m 1.3 1.08 221m -3.3 $163.84
5HMC855 Serializer/De-Serializer 28G 14G 22p 22p 450m--- -3.3 $504.02
6HMC854 Serializer/De-Serializer 28G 14G 16p 16p 700m 1.25-- -3.3 $504.02
7HMC848 Serializer/De-Serializer 45G 22.5G 21p 25p 300m- 0.75- 3.3 $981.48
8HMC847 Serializer/De-Serializer 36G 22.5G 12p 11p 250m 900m 0.65- 3.3 $950.96
9HMC748 Selector Mux/De-Mux 14G 14G 22p 22p 600m 1.2 1.1 250m 3.3 $110.72
10HMC728 Selector Mux/De-Mux 14G 14G 15p 17p 900m 1.2 1.1 250m -3.3 $110.72
11HMC678 Selector Mux/De-Mux 13G 13G 18p 19p 600m 1.2 1.1 250m -3.3 $110.72
12ADG3248 Level Translation, Serializer/De-Serializer 1.244G 600M 0.5n 0.5n---- 3.3-
13ADG3257 Level Translation, Serializer/De-Serializer 933M 285M 0.9n 0.9n---- 3.3 $0.90