Analog Microcontrollers

Analog Devices Precision Analog Microcontrollers combine precision analog functions, such as high resolution ADCs and DACs, voltage reference, temperature sensor, and a host of other peripherals, with an industry-standard microcontroller and flash memory. The ADuC7xxx ARM7TDMI® family integrates 12-, 16- and 24-bit A/D converters, 12-bit DACs with flash, SRAM, and a host of digital peripherals designed for industrial, instrumentation, medical, communications, and automotive applications. The ADuC8xx series was the first to integrate true 12-bit to 24-bit analog precision, in-circuit reprogrammable Flash/EE memory, and an on-chip 8052 core. The ADuCM36x family extends the precision data acquisition systems with the first fully integrated, 4 kSPS, 24-bit data acquisition system incorporating dual, high performance multi-channel sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M3 processor, and Flash/EE memory on a single chip designed for direct interfacing to external precision sensors in both wired and battery powered applications.

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8052 Core Products

Part# MCU Speed (MIPS)Flash (kbytes)SRAM (bytes)GPIO PinsResolution (Bits)Sample RateADC # ChannelsOther12 Bit DAC OutputsUS Price 1000-4999
ADUC8451262KBytes2.304KBytes3424bit1.37KSPS10PWM1 $9.04
ADUC8471262KBytes2.304KBytes3424bit1.37KSPS10PWM1 $5.92
ADUC8481262KBytes2.304KBytes3416bit1.37KSPS10PWM1 $5.04
ADUC8412062KBytes2.304KBytes3412bit400KSPS8PWM2 $6.64
ADUC8421662KBytes-3412bit400KSPS8PWM2 $6.64
ADUC8431662KBytes2.304KBytes3412bit400KSPS8PWM- $5.21
ADUC8311.362KBytes2.304KBytes3412bit247KSPS8PWM2 $8.87
ADUC8321.362KBytes2.304KBytes3412bit247KSPS8PWM2 $8.87
ADUC834162KBytes2.304KBytes3424bit105SPS4PWM1 $12.47
ADUC836162KBytes2.304KBytes3416bit105SPS4PWM- $9.97
ADUC8141.38KBytes256Bytes1712bit247KSPS6-2 $4.57
ADUC8161.38KBytes256Bytes3416bit105SPS4-1 $5.66
ADUC82418KBytes256Bytes3424bit105SPS4-1 $6.14
ADUC8121.38KBytes256Bytes3412bit200KSPS8-2 $8.65
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ARM7 Core Products

Part# MCU Speed (MIPS)Flash (kbytes)SRAM (bytes)GPIO PinsResolution (Bits)ADC # ChannelsSample RateOtherDAC OutputsUS Price 1000-4999
ADUC7019Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes1412bit51MSPS-3 $6.42
ADUC7020Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes1412bit51MSPS-4 $6.88
ADUC7021Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes1312bit81MSPS-2 $4.94
ADUC7022Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes1312bit101MSPS-- $4.03
ADUC7023Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes2012bit121MSPSPWM4 $2.99
ADUC7024Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes3012bit101MSPSPWM2 $5.66
ADUC7025Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes3012bit121MSPSPWM- $5.3
ADUC7026Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes4012bit121MSPSPWM4 $8.91
ADUC7027Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.192KBytes4012bit161MSPSPWM- $6.5
ADUC7028Reference Circuit Available4062Bytes8.192KBytes4012bit81MSPS-4 $6.01
ADUC7029Reference Circuit Available4062KBytes8.152KBytes2212bit71MSPS-4 $4.66
ADUC70332096KBytes6.144KBytes916bit38KSPS-- $6.72
ADUC70342032KBytes4.096KBytes916bit28KSPS-- $6.37
ADUC70362096KBytes6.144KBytes916bit28KSPS-- $6.72
ADUC70392064KBytes4.096KBytes516bit31KSPS-0 $4.36
ADUC7060Reference Circuit Available1032KBytes4.096KBytes1424bit108KSPS14 Bit DAC, PWM- $4.4
ADUC7061Reference Circuit Available1032KBytes4.096KBytes824bit108KSPS14 Bit DAC, PWM- $3.4
ADUC7121Reference Circuit Available40126KBytes8.192KBytes3212bit91MSPS-4 $11.13
ADUC7122Reference Circuit Available40126KBytes8.192KBytes3212bit131MSPS-4 $8.7
ADUC712440126KBytes32KBytes3012bit121MSPS-2 $5.98
ADUC712640126KBytes32KBytes4012bit161MSPSPWM4 $6.34
ADUC712840126KBytes8.192KBytes2812bit101MSPS10 Bit DAC, DDS, PWM- $7.03
ADUC712940126KBytes8.192KBytes4012bit121MSPSDDS- $7.83
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ARM Cortex™-M3 processor

Part# MCU Speed (MIPS)Flash (kbytes)SRAM (bytes)GPIO PinsResolution (Bits)ADC # ChannelsSample RateOtherDAC OutputsUS Price 1000-4999
ADUCM360Reference Circuit Available20128KBytes8KBytes1924bit113.906KSPSPWM1 $8.58
ADUCM361Reference Circuit Available20128KBytes8KBytes1924bit113.906KSPSPWM1 $5.85
ADUCRF10120128KBytes16KBytes2812bit6167KSPS-- **
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Featured Applications

Selection Guideline

As a guideline for selection the parts can be divided into the categories below according to the indicated distinguishing features:

  • ADuCRF101 = Cortex M3 with integrated sub 1GHz radio and 12-Bit ADC
  • ADuC7121/7122 = ARM7 core with high channel-count precision Vout & Iout 12-bit DACs and SAR ADC
  • ADuC7128 to 7129 = ARM7 core with features for home automation and general applications
  • ADuC7060 to 7061 = ARM7 core with Sigma-Delta ADC etc for industrial and general applications
  • ADuC7030 to 7039 = ARM7 core with Sigma-Delta ADC etc for battery monitoring
  • ADuC7019 to 7029 = ARM7 core with SAR ADC etc for general applications
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