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ADM1276:  Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power and Energy Monitoringwith PMBus Interface

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Product Status:Recommended for New Designs

The ADM1276 is a hot swap controller that allows a circuit board to be removed from or inserted into a live backplane. It also features current and voltage readback via an integrated 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), accessed using a PMBus™ interface.

The load current is measured using an internal current sense amplifier that measures the voltage across a sense resistor in the power path via the SENSE+ and SENSE− pins. A default limit of 20 mV is set, but this limit can be adjusted, if required, using a resistor divider network from the internal reference voltage to the ISET pin.

The ADM1276 limits the current through the sense resistor by controlling the gate voltage of an external N-channel FET in the power path, via the GATE pin. The sense voltage--and, therefore, the load current--is maintained below the preset maximum. The ADM1276 protects the external FET by limiting the time that the FET remains on while the current is at its maximum value. This current-limit time is set by the choice of capacitor connected to the TIMER pin. In addition, a foldback resistor network can be used to actively lower the current limit as the voltage across the FET is increased. This helps to maintain constant power in the FET and allows the safe operating area (SOA) to be adhered to in an effective manner.

In case of a short-circuit event, a fast internal overcurrent detector responds within 370 ns and signals the gate to shut down. A 1500 mA pull-down device ensures a fast FET response. The ADM1276 features overvoltage (OV) and undervoltage (UV) protection, programmed using external resistor dividers on the UV and OV pins. A PWRGD signal can be used to detect when the output supply is valid, using the FLB pin to monitor the output. GPO pins can be configured as various output signals that can be asserted when a programmed current or voltage level is reached.

The 12-bit ADC can measure the current in the sense resistor, as well as the supply voltage on the SENSE+ pin or the output voltage. A PMBus interface allows a controller to read current and voltage data from the ADC. Measurements can be initiated by a PMBus command. Alternatively, the ADC can run continuously, and the user can read the latest conversion data whenever required. As many as four unique PMBus addresses can be selected, depending on the way that the ADR pin is connected.

The ADM1276 is available in a 20-lead LFCSP and has a LATCH pin that can be configured for automatic retry or latch-off when an overcurrent fault occurs.


  • Power monitoring and control/power budgeting
  • Central office equipment
  • Telecommunication and data communication equipment
  • PCs/servers


  • Controls supply voltages from
    2 V to 20 V
  • 370 ns response time to short circuit
  • Resistor-programmable 5 mV to 25 mV current limit
  • ±1% accurate, 12-bit ADC for current, VIN/VOUT readback
  • Charge pumped gate drive for multiple external N-channel FETs
  • High gate drive voltage to ensure lowest RDSON
  • Foldback for tighter FET SOA protection
  • Automatic retry or latch-off on current fault
  • Programmable current-limit timer for SOA
  • See data sheet for additional features

Functional Block Diagram for ADM1276


Title Content Type File Type
ADM1276: Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power and Energy Monitoring with PMBus Interface Data Sheet (Rev C, 11/2013) (pdf, 622 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-1135: ADC Sampling Information ADM1275/ADM1276/ADM1075  (pdf, 171 kB) Application Notes PDF
Webcast: Hot Swap Design, How to Get it Right
This webcast closely examines the components of a hot swap design and find out what's critical to getting it right.
Webcasts WEBCAST
UG-353: Hot Swap and Power Monitor Software  (pdf, 478 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-404: USB-SDP-CABLEZ Serial Interface Board  (pdf, 536 kB)
The USB-SDP-CABLEZ is primarily used to communicate with certain Analog Devices evaluation boards.
User Guides PDF
UG-241: Using the Simulation Model for ADI Hotswap Controllers  (pdf, 417 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-263: Evaluating the ADM1275 and ADM1276  (pdf, 434 kB) User Guides PDF
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Design Tools,Models,Drivers & Software

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UG-241: Using the Simulation Model for ADI Hotswap Controllers  (pdf, 417 kB) ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools PDF
Hot Swap Controller Simulaton Model
Simulation model to help users simulate their designs with ADM1075, ADM1170/1/2, ADM1275/76 and ADM1278 hot swap controls.
Hot-Swap & Power Monitoring Evaluation Software
Requires the ADMxxxx Common Run-time to be installed in order to provide driver support for the USB-SMBUS-CABLEZ and USB-SDP-CABLEZ interface connectors.
Evaluation Software HTML
ADMxxxx Common Run-Time
This run-time installer is shared between the SuperSequencer, ADM1175-92 and ADM1293/4 and the Hot Swap and Power Monitor tools. Contains driver support for the USB-SMBUS-CABLEZ and USB-SDP-CABLEZ interface connectors.
Evaluation Software HTML

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EVAL-ADM1276EBZ Status: Production 60A Hot Swap Evaluation kit using ADM1276-3 $120.00 Yes -
USB-SDP-CABLEZ Status: Production USB to Serial I/O Interface. One is required and can support multiple eval kits. $89.00 Yes -

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