MEMS and Sensors

Analog Devices sensor portfolio focuses on motion, temperature and sound. Industry-leading sensor and sensor signal conditioning technology are integrated into every MEMS accelerometer, gyroscope, inertial measurement unit (IMU), and microphone, and every analog or digital temperature sensor. ADI’s high performance MEMS and sensors portfolio offers a range of discrete components and plug-in ready solutions to efficiently and reliably address today’s complex application requirements.

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  • MEMS Accelerometers
  • Detect and measure acceleration, tilt, shock and vibration

    • Analog and digital output
    • Lowest power, lowest noise, widest bandwidth, and highest temperature range specs
    • Components and subsystems
  • MEMS Gyroscopes
  • Measure rotation of an object in degrees/sec over wide dynamic range and bandwidth.

    • Analog and Digital Output
    • High vibration & shock immunity
    • Temperature Sensitivity control to 25ppm/°C
    • Components and subsystems
  • MEMS Inertial Measurement Units
  • Rapid Implementation of Complex multi-axis motion detection, measuring and processing multiple degrees of freedom.

    • Highly integrated plug-and-play solutions
    • Tactical Grade Performance
    • Simple, programmable interface
    • Part-specific factory calibration

  • MEMS Microphones
  • Analog Devices has sold its MEMS Microphone product line to InvenSense.
    Please visit the InvenSense site for all technical support and sales information.

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Sense and measure temperature with precise accuracy and reliability.

    • Digital (I2C, SPI, PWM) and analog (current, voltage) interfaces
    • Accuracy to ±0.25°C (Max)
    • NIST traceable
    • Plug-in ready; fully calibrated


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Documentation And Resources

Title Content Type File Type
A MEMs based Tilt Sensing Solution with 1° Accuracy
In this reference circuit, the output voltage of the ADXL203 dual axis accelerometer, produced by acceleration in the x- or y-axis, passes through buffers to attenuate and level shift the sensor outputs so they are at proper levels for conversion.
Videos HTML
EngineerZone® Online Technical Support Community
The EngineerZone® support community enables customers to engage online with ADI experts and fellow engineers to find answers to complex and frequently asked technical product and application questions.
Videos HTML
Use Circuits from the Lab™ in Your Next Design
Watch how two engineers were able to use Analog Devices Circuits from the Lab to help solve their design challenge. From test data to HW evaluation, to project integration, we make it easy to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design.
Videos HTML
Analog Devices Pmods for Xilinx FPGAs
See various examples of ADI data converters and MEMS accelerometers connected to Xilinx FPGAs using Digilent Pmod™ peripheral modules.
Videos HTML
Introducing iMEMS® Microphones
This video compares the ADMP401 Analog MEMS and the ADMP421 Digital MEMS with a BK Type 4939 Measurement microphone. High performance and reliability with 61dB A-weighted SNR and flat frequency response from 100Hz to > 12kHz.
Videos HTML
ADXL362 Nanopower, 3-Axis, MEMS Accelerometer
The ADXL362 consumes 2 μA @ 100 Hz in full measurement mode, and only 300 nA in motion sensing wake-up mode. In addition to its native low-power operation, the ADXL362 has additional features that enable system-level power efficiency.
Videos HTML
ADXL377 MEMS Accelerometer in INDYCAR Race Car Safety System
Driver impact safety system of IZOD IndyCar Series race cars features ADXL377 MEMS accelerometers in all driver earpieces. The ADXL377 captures driver impact data in real time. Data is used in sled tests to replicate impact & improve safety levels.
Videos HTML
Vibration Immunity in Analog Devices MEMS Gyroscopes
This video shows a side-by-side demo of the Analog Devices MEMS gyroscope and a competitive gyro, comparing their responses when erroneous input stimuli are applied. Our new gyros exhibit high immunity to shock, vibration & linear acceleration.
Videos HTML
High-Performance MEMS; What does that mean?
This webcast will examine the most common specifications and metrics associated with “high performance” MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and IMUs and will provide insights into their characterization and impact in real-world applications.
Webcasts WEBCAST
UG-311: Reliability Handbook  (pdf, 3248 kB) User Guides PDF
Smallest MEMS Microphone Designed for Hearing Aid Applications Features Low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) and Power Consumption (25 Mar 2013) Press Releases HTML
iSensor MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Brochure  (pdf, 1521 kB) Overview PDF
Brochure: Motor and Power Control Solutions  (pdf) Overview PDF
Trusted Positioning Inc. Integrates iSensor MEMS IMU into Continuous, Accurate, Affordable Positioning and Navigation Platform Solutions  (pdf, 245 kB) Customer Case Studies PDF
NovAtel Integrates iSensor MEMS IMU into SPAN GNSS/INS System for Size-Constrained Positioning and Navigation Applications  (pdf, 308 kB) Customer Case Studies PDF
3-axis, ±200 g MEMS Accelerometer Improves INDYCAR Driver Impact Safety Program  (pdf, 465 kB) Customer Case Studies PDF
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML
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