MEMS Accelerometers

Find MEMS accelerometers and iSensor MEMS accelerometer subsystems that reliably and accurately detect and measure acceleration, tilt, shock and vibration in performance-driven applications. ADI's MEMS accelerometer portfolio leads the industry in power, noise, bandwidth, and temperature specifications, and offers a range of MEMS sensor and signal conditioning integration on chip.

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MEMS Accelerometers

Part# # of AxesRangeSensitivity-3dB BandwidthSensitivity Accuracy (%)Output TypeNoise Density (µg/rtHz)Voltage Supply (V)Supply CurrentAutomotive QualifiedTemp Range (°C)US Price 1000-4999
ADXL001Reference Circuit Available1+/- 70g16 mV/g (+/- 70g)22KHz-Analog40003.135 to 65mA--40 to 125°C $13.29
ADXL1031+/- 1.7g, +/- 18g, +/- 5g1000 mV/g2.5KHz4Analog1103 to 6700µAYes-40 to 125°C $8.2
ADXL180150 g to 500 g0.125 g/LSB (50 g)800Hz-Digital-5 to 14.5 7.7mA--40 to 125°C **
ADXL1931+/- 250g8 mV/g400Hz5Analog50004.75 to 5.251.5mAYes-40 to 125°C $6.68
ADXL203Reference Circuit Available2+/- 1.7g, +/- 18g, +/- 5g1000 mV/g2.5KHz4Analog1103 to 6700µA--40 to 125°C $9.87
ADXL2062+/- 5g312 mV/g--Analog1104.75 to 5.25700µA--40 to 175°C $569
ADXL2122+/- 2g12.5 %/g500Hz12.5Digital-3 to 5.25700µA--40 to 85°C $9.87
ADXL2132+/- 1.2g30 %/g2.5KHz10PWM1603 to 6700µA--40 to 85°C $10.33
ADXL2782+/- 70g27mV/g400Hz5Analog18004.75 to 5.252.2mAYes-40 to 105- $7.84
ADXL3123+/- 12 g345 LSB/g1.6KHz-Digital3402.0 to 3.6170µAYes-40 to 105°C $5.34
ADXL3133+/- 0.5 g, +/- 1.0 g, +/- 2g, +/- 4.0 g1024 LSB/g1.6KHz10Digital1502.0 to 3.6170µAYes-40 to 105- **
ADXL3253+/- 5g174 mV/g1.6KHz10Analog2501.8 to 3.6350µA--40 to 85°C $2.38
ADXL3263+/- 16g57 mV/g1.6KHz10Analog2501.8 to 3.6350µA--40 to 85°C $2.38
ADXL3273+/- 2g420 mV/g1.6KHz10Analog2501.8 to 3.6350µA--40 to 85°C $2.38
ADXL3353+/- 3g300 mV/g1.6KHz10Analog3001.8 to 3.6350µA--40 to 85°C $2.38
ADXL3373+/- 3g300 mV/g1.6KHz-Analog1751.8 to 3.6300µA--40 to 85°C $1.57
ADXL3433+/- 2/4/8/16g256 LSB/g320Hz-Digital-2.0 to 3.6--- $1.15
ADXL3443+/- 2/4/8/16g256 LSB/g1.6KHz-SPI-1.7 to 2.75140µA-- $1.15
ADXL345Reference Circuit Available3+/- 2/4/8/16gup to 256 LSB/g1.6KHz10Digital-2.0 to 3.6145µA--40 to 85°C $3.04
ADXL3463+/- 2/4/8/16gup to 256 LSB/g1.6KHz10Digital-1.7 to 2.75145µA--40 to 85°C $3.04
ADXL3503+/- 2/4/8gup to 256 LSB/g1.6KHz-SPI-2.0 to 3.6166µA--40 to 85°C $4.57
ADXL362Reference Circuit Available3+/- 2/4/8g1 to 4 mg/LSB200Hz-Digital1751.6 to 3.51.8µA--40 to 85°C $3.97
ADXL3633-1 to 4 mg/LSB--Digital--1.95µA-- $4.57
ADXL3753+/- 200g20.5 LSBs/g1.6KHz-Digital5000-145µA-- $4.79
ADXL3773+/- 200g6.5 mV/g1.6KHz-Analog24003 to 3.6300µA--40 to 85°C $4.79
ADXL781+/- 70g27mV/g400Hz5Analog18004.75 to 5.251.3mAYes-40 to 105- $5.58
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iSensor MEMS Accelerometer Subsytems

Part# Device Primary FunctionOutput TypeSensing AxisRange-3dB BandwidthVoltage Supply (V)SensitivitySensitivity Accuracy (%)Temp Sensor
ADIS16000Wireless gateway for ADIS--------
ADIS16003AccelerometerSPIX, Y+/- 1.7g2.25KHz3 to 5.251.22 mg/LSB7Yes
ADIS16006AccelerometerSPIX, Y+/- 5g2.25KHz3 to 5.253.91 mg/LSB6Yes
ADIS16201InclinometerSPIX, Y+/- 1.7g2.25KHz3 to 3.60.10 °/LSB1Yes
ADIS16203InclinometerSPIZ+/- 180°2.25KHz3 to 3.60.025 °/LSB-Yes
ADIS16209InclinometerSPIX, Y+/- 90° or +/- 180°50Hz3 to 3.60.025 °/LSB0.4Yes
ADIS16210InclinometerSPIX, Y, Z+/- 1.7g50Hz3.15 to 3.6-0.21Yes
ADIS16223AccelerometerSPIX, Y or Z+/- 70g14.25KHz3.15 to 3.64.768 mg/LSB5-
ADIS16227Accelerometer W/FFT proceSPIX, Y, Z+/- 70g9KHz--5-
ADIS16228Accelerometer W/FFT proceSPIX, Y, Z-5KHz3.15 to 3.6-6Yes
ADIS16229Accelerometer for ADIS160---840Hz3 to 3.6-0.3-
ADIS16240Impact/RecorderSPIX, Y, Z+/- 18g1.6KHz2.4 to 3.651.4 mg/LSB--
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