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Smart Energy Harvesting And Low Power Fci Design

Fault circuit indicators (FCIs) are an important part of energy harvesting, power management, processor, AFE circuit, and communication interface devices. Smart energy harvesting and management, along with ultralow power consumption, are particularly critical to new designs. ADI highly integrated solutions are significantly helpful for a compact layout and reducing design complexity, while industry-leading, ultralow power performance can help reach the historically lowest power consumption over the full system signal chain.

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Anveshan Results
Anveshan Results

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Hitite is now part of ADI
Hittite Microwave products are now available through ADI's Distribution network ADI franchised distributors now carry more than 1,000 Hittite products from Analog Devices' high performance portfolio. These RF, microwave, millimeter-wave ICs, and module solutions span the entire frequency spectrum to 110 GHz from antenna to bits and back



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