At the 2016 show, we unveiled our latest technology and embedded solutions that position you to lead and differentiate in:

  • Wearable health monitoring
  • Industry 4.0 / IoT
  • High performance and high speed instrumentation
  • Energy efficient and robust industrial control systems

View Our 2016 Embedded World Demo Videos


video imageWatch Demo: Wearable Health Evaluation Platform & Embedded IoT Camera system

Learn more about how the latest embedded technology enables independent living with demonstrations of two wrist-worn demo systems: optical heart rate measurement and galvanic skin response, both of which use interface boards to support the body area network. The ultra-low power Cortex M3 processor (sub 40uA/MHz) and BLE radio, when combined with ADI’s Embedded Video platform, are useful for remote monitoring and home-based medicine.

Power Conversion

video imageWatch Demo: Dual Independent Core Safety Concept for Power Conversion

Analog Devices showcased its next generation family of mixed-signal control processors optimized for power conversion applications, including solar PV inverters. The innovative dual independent core safety concept enables the integration of two-core safety redundancy into a single chip, simplifying design and lowering costs while maintaining full compliance with VDE-AR-N4105.


video imageWatch Demo: Instrumentation and High Speed: LVDS, Energy Harvesting and more

ADI brought to Embedded World 2016 demonstrations of its instrumentation technologies that made full use of the company’s latest embedded solutions. Shown was a multi-channel data acquisition system that featured power provided by the newly released energy harvesting ultra-low power boost regulator ADP5091. View the improved reliability and measurement confidence in harsh industrial environments with ADN465 (the world's first 600 Mbps LVDS digital isolator). Also demonstrated was the AD9361, a software-defined radio in a spectrum analyzer application.

Industry 4.0 / IoT

video imageWatch Demo: The Connected Tomato Project: the Greenhouse enters the IoT Era

This video demonstrated a sensor-to-cloud greenhouse application. In this application, the sensor gathers environmental data such as temperature and humidity, and sends it to the cloud. Based on the data compiled in the cloud, the greenhouse’s environment can adjust accordingly improving the yield and taste of the tomatoes.

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