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Wearable Health Monitoring and IOT Powered By ADPD103 (Universal Optical Front-End)

The Heart Rate Measurement is supported by the ADPD103 Analog Devices' Universal Optical Front-End. It takes care of the entire receive-and transmit-signal chain and communicates over I2C. To reject motion artifacts, the ultra-low power ADXL362 3-axis Motion sensor is included.

The sensor board for Ectrodermal Activity (EDA) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is based on a discrete analog front-end to maximize performance at minimum power dissipation.

Both applications are using a unique interface board to support the body area network. Each includes an ultra- low power Cortex M3 processor and BLE radio. This processor has all required data integrity and security features to support medical grade devices.

Integrated Home Health Monitoring System

Demonstration of ADI’s two node system where one is an embedded vision sensing platform (BLIP) capturing behavior monitoring data locally and passing the image and occupancy telemetry data via Wi-Fi to a local gateway and then to the cloud. The other node is an on-body vital signs monitoring (VSM) sensor node which will be worn by the ADI demo champion at the ADI aggregating data streams from multiple sensors (SPO2, activity, heart rate, etc.) and using the ADI compliant Thread Group protocol stack solution to transfer the VSM data packets to a local gateway and then to the cloud. The confluence of the image analysis and VSM data is then integrated into a mash-up GUI in the cloud which will in turn be pulled down from the cloud and viewable via Wi-Fi internet displays.

Motor Control and Power Conversion

Motor Control

Ethernet to the Edge

A joint Analog Devices and Innovasic effort, this demonstration shows the real-time Ethernet network connectivity for field devices. Analog Devices’ reference designs provide precision, high performance measurement and diagnostic capability for the temperature and pressure transmitter designs. A LEN-based simple plug-and-play 4-20mA to Ethernet Converter enables connection with industrial Ethernet.

CN0382: isolated 4 mA to 20 mA/HART temperature and pressure industrial transmitter using a low power, precision 24-bit sigma-delta ADC

CN0321 fully isolated, single-channel voltage and 4 mA to 20 mA output with HART

Solar Power Conversion Applications

Control Processors - Analog Devices’ will showcase its next generation family of mixed-signal control processors, optimized for power conversion applications including solar PV inverters. This demo illustrates an innovative dual independent core design to provide a fully redundant second signal path without the need for an external supervisory element. This integration adds design simplicity and reduces system cost while still maintaining full compliance with VDE-AR-N4105.



Multichannel Data Acquisition System for Ultra Low Power Applications Powered by ADP5090 Energy Harvesting Ultra Low Power Boost Regulator

In the quest to conserve scarce resources and reduce design time, customers frequently need to utilize the same signal chain across applications with different power budgets and varying sample rates. This demo, based on a recently released reference design (CN0372), illustrates how to utilize the dynamic power scaling feature of the ADA4805 ADC driver to create an acquisition signal chain that can be power scaled in accordance with the application sample rate of the ADC it is driving. In this demo the ADA4805 is coupled with the newly released AD7091R-5 4-channel 12-bit SAR ADC to enable an ultra-low power data acquisition platform powered by ADI’s energy harvester IC, the ADP5090/ADP5091. As a result, the ADA4805’s dynamic power scaling mode allows the system current consumption to drop from 530uA to 70uA.

Instrumentation High Speed

AD9631 Transceiver Demo

The demo is a software-define instrument featuring the AD9631 Wideband Transceiver operating as a 100 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum analyzer under software control.

This demo shows the flexibility of ADI’s Transceivers which, under software control, can serve different Radio Applications . As an example of the flexibility Analog Devices will show a portable spectrum analyzer in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 6 GHz. 

The demo is based on one of ADI’s currently-available AD9631 evaluation platforms, which consists of an AD9631 radio board that plugs into a XILINX ZYNQ-based FPGA via an industry-standard FMC connector. A complete package, including schematics, layout, and BoM is available to customers

Pushing the Boundaries on Speed and Robustness: ADN4651 the World's First 600 Mbps LVDS Digital Isolator

This demonstration illustrates drop-in isolation of 600 Mbps LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) signal chains using the new ADN4651 isolator, reducing design risk and opening up new applications. The existing AD7960 SAR ADC evaluation board is now isolated from the SDP-H1 high-speed evaluation platform, allowing precision isolated current measurement to track the speed of two Scalextric race cars.

Analog front ends for precision measurement and high-speed control in Industry 4.0 applications such as advanced factory automation can require isolation to protect expensive systems from hazards such as connection to mains voltages. Implementing this isolation can pose a challenge due to the high data bandwidth, low latency and timing precision required to support precision convertor interfaces. The ADN4651 LVDS digital isolator family expand ADI’s patented iCoupler® digital isolation technology to offer unparalleled throughput of 600 Mbps and ultra-low jitter.

Industry 4.0 / IoT


Loop-Powered Sensor Nodes Diagnostic and Asset Control with HART-Enabled Data Communications

The demo shows a range of 4-20 mA loop-powered, HART enabled field instruments connected to a HART enabled analog input card. It provides the capability at the system level to monitor the process variables as well as assess instrument health with additional diagnostic and status information through HART, all within the tight power constraints of the 4-20 mA loop.

Energy Harvesting PMU Enables Energy Autonomous Sensor Node

ADI’s newly announced ADP5091 Power Management Unit enables energy autonomous sensing for a wide range of power-sensitive IoT applications.  Powered by Alta Devices’ AnyLight photovoltaic cell, the ADP5090/ADP5091 converts light energy from a range of sources from office light to sunlight, with superior efficiency, operation time, and low light condition operation.  ADP5090/ADP5091 fast cold start up and multiple power path management enhance system reliability and provide ease of design.

The Connected Tomato: A Sensor to Cloud Solution

See how Analog Devices is using a complete sensor-to-cloud solution to help farmers and grocers improve growing and supply chain practices. By sensing and measuring growing conditions in real-time, farmers are able to optimize environmental controls and harvest timing to improve yields, reduce resources, and ultimately deliver a better, more sustainably grown tomato. You will see how the data is collected, connected, and reported back to farmers and grocers via Thingworx cloud platform.

WSN Connected with ThingWorx Providing A Complete IoT Solution

This demo shows a complete Internet of Things solution from Analog Devices. The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) demo platform is a flexible, modular system. It offers both an out-of-the-box demonstration system, and can also be used as a development platform. It contains all of the hardware and software necessary to implement a plug-and-play WSN. Connected with Analog Devices’ new cloud service, based on ThingWorx helps to ensure to manage thousands of devices, to show the data directly in a flexible way and to access the data all over the world.

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Circuits from the Lab reference designs

Circuits from the Lab Reference DesignsCircuits from the Lab® Reference Designs are commonly used as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems.

Built and tested for function and performance by ADI's applications experts, they offer comprehensive documentation, complete design and integration files and factory-tested evaluation hardware.

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