Why visit Analog Devices at embedded world?

. . . to experience the most innovative embedded processing, development and rapid prototyping solutions and tools enabled by Analog Devices and partners Xilinx and MathWorks

. . . to discover award-winning application-focused "smart integration" showcased in a vast array of demonstrations at the Analog Devices booth as well as at the Silica, Premier Farnell, Arrow and Mouser booths

. . . to benefit from on-site expertise provided by our Analog Devices technical support engineers, ready to share with you their useful tips to simplify your designs!

Some exhibit highlights from the broad range of ADI solutions:

High-Speed Corner

The High-Speed Corner includes Analog Devices' industry-praised SDR solution AD9361 connected to a Xilinx Zynq platform, and it features Analog Devices' award-winning portfolio of JESD204B converters.

Low Power Digital Isolation

The Low Power Digital Isolation demo illustrates the lowest-power embedded digital isolation solution family ADuM144x.

DSP Blackfin and Finboard

The DSP Blackfin and Finboard area features Blackfin-based Embedded Vision Systems with state-of-the-art algorithms and software environments.

Smart Integration

Smart Integration in embedded industrial and healthcare solutions is illustrated by Analog Devices' smart integration leadership products for smart, low power and high performance sensing applications like the recently announced ADuCM350.

Motor Control Corner

The Motor Control corner includes Analog Devices' CM40x controlling two high-precision servos, a Xilinx Zynq-based FPGA development kit, all connected to Analog Devices' sophisticated front-end control, isolation and power solutions. It also showcases model-based design capabilities thanks to The MathWorks Simulink.

Motor Control Platform Demonstration at Embedded World 2014

The ADSP-CM40x mixed-signal control processor with ARM® Cortex®-M4 core driving two high-precision servos simultaneously along with the Xilinx® Zynq® based FPGA development kit. All connected to ADI's front-end control, isolation and power solutions.

Learn more about the ADSP-CM40x Series

Explore Analog Devices' technical support resources.

Circuits from the Lab reference designs

Circuits from the Lab Reference DesignsCircuits from the Lab® Reference Designs are commonly used as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems.

Built and tested for function and performance by ADI's applications experts, they offer comprehensive documentation, complete design and integration files and factory-tested evaluation hardware.

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