A smarter world is coming, but what will it look like?
embedded world 2017 is the place to find out. We’re looking forward to sharing technologies and products to help make that world better, healthier and more secure. Meet some of the people behind our latest innovations and get a first-hand look at what they can do for you in the areas of SMART City, Industrie 4.0, healthcare, automotive, high-speed instrumentation, and RF.

You can see it all at Booth #3-311. We hope to see you in Nürnberg.

Learn from Analog Devices' Experts

Simplifying Precision Measurement with ADI´s Latest SAR ADC Product Families

SAR ADCs can pose unique design challenges to the circuitry surrounding the SAR ADC. To help our customers, ADI has developed new industry leading solutions to overcome these challenges, while also reducing the area of the signal chain, reducing component count, and improving time to market. This talk will introduce the ADAQ7980 and the AD400x family. The AD400x family includes the AD4020, ADI’s first 20-bit SAR ADC. For all of the products, the combination of ease of use features, performance, small size, and low power consumption sets a new industry benchmark for high precision data acquisition solutions. Many of the design challenges that have traditionally been associated with SAR ADC based signal chains have now been eliminated, such as the difficulty of driving switched capacitor inputs. These new converters reduce design risk and complexity, while also significantly reducing the time it takes to design and evaluate hardware.

Ryan Curran

Thursday March 16th, 2017
14h00 - 14h30
Hall 4 // Booth 4-422

Time Sensitive Networks for Industrial Automation Systems

TSN is widely hailed as a standard that will converge the networks in the factory with the front office. But how can the real-time networking requirements of the factory coexist with the fast-moving office environment? TSN is the answer and it will have a leading role in both, Industrie 4.0 and IIoT architectures. This presentation discusses what TSN is, what pieces can be applied to existing industrial protocols, and how compatibility with standard networks can be achieved.

Volker Goller

Thursday March 16th, 2017
15h30 - 16h00
Hall 3A // Booth 3A-511

Preview Our Embedded World Demonstrations

Meeting the Industrie 4.0 Challenge


Industrie 4.0 is the realization of the Smart Factory, a transformation to more responsive, flexible and lean automation systems. See how ADI is meeting the challenge with the demonstration of a complete industrial system, comprising of field instruments, controllers, condition-based monitoring, industrial communications and data analytics.

Process Control and Industrial Automation

Wearable Multi-Parameter VSM Platform

Discover how ADI sensors are combined in this 2017 wearable VSM platform to measure optical heart rate, electrical heart activity (ECG) and bio-impedance. The system was designed around the extreme low-power ADuCM3029 cortex processor communicating over BLE and includes the ADPD103, a dual AD8232, and the ADXL362.

Ethernet/IP over TSN


We’ll show how standard Ethernet/IP (Rockwell Industrial Ethernet Protocol) can be tunneled over TSN using our TSN Eval Kits. The demo will use a mix of general-purpose background traffic (Video stream) and deterministic TSN stream on one wire.

View the The Deterministic Ethernet Guide

A2B Audio Bus and Network

See how a microphone array in an A2B-connected (AD2410) in-car communications system can discriminate among multiple speakers even in the presence of heavy background noise. The system uses microphone beam-forming algorithms, advanced echo cancellation and speech recognition routines—all implemented on a high-performance SHARC (ADSP-21489) processor.

24 GHz Radar Technology Enables Next Generation Sensors


See how the performance, size, cost and power consumption of sensors in Analog Devices’ RADAR Technology Platform can offer better solutions to OEMs by detecting objects earlier, farther away, and more reliably.

Related Products: ADF5904

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IoT Asset Health Tracking


ADI technology can detect, measure and communicate critical information for high-value items during shipping. We’ll show how asset health, such as the effects of impacts during shipping, and temperature can be monitored locally via BLE to a tablet, and from there to the IoT Cloud for enterprise-wide sharing.

Clinical Monitoring

Related Products: ADuCM3029, ADXL362, AD8233, ADPD107

Ultra low power sensing solutions

See how our ADuCM3029 (M3), ADXL372 and ADuCM4050 (M4) Ultra Low Power Microcontroller can be used to detect and transmit information. Find out how this low-power sensing technology can be used in patient monitoring, environmental monitoring, machine health monitoring, and consumer sensing applications.

Smart Industry – SMARTopolis Demos

SMARTopolis - Solutions for Industrial Sensing

SMARTopolis - Solutions for Industrial Sensing

Watch Demo: SMARTopolis - Solutions for Industrial Sensing

Find out how ADI is moving beyond silicon with solutions for Smart Street Parking, Indoor Occupancy Sensing, Structural Health Monitoring and Crop Monitoring.

Structural Health Monitoring

The AD4003 (18-Bit, 2MSPS, SAR ADC) is used as part of a high-precision data acquisition solution to sequentially digitize information from different types of sensors (Vibration, Temperature, Force, etc.)

Smart Parking

This demo showcases the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) as part of an application where multiple parking spaces are monitored by a single unit. Rather than outputting raw data, the BLIP system minimizes information, reducing connectivity bandwidth requirements from megabytes per second to bytes per hour. We also show an algorithm that can minimize customers design cycles.

Smart Occupancy Sensing

This demo showcases the BLIP (Blackfin Low-Power Imaging Platform) in a Smart Building Indoor Occupancy Sensing Application. Similar to the Smart parking demo, the BLIP system minimizes information, reducing connectivity bandwidth requirements from megabytes per second to bytes per hour. Multiple parking spots are monitored by one unit only. We also show how algorithm can minimize customers design cycles.

Energy Harvesting

This demo shows how the new ADP5091 energy harvesting DC to DC converter with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) delivers high energy flow, and how its SIDO (Single Inductor Dual Output) capability can generate a second, well-regulated output voltage.

36 V, 3 A Step-down Regulator Designed for Greater Efficiency

We introduce the new ADP2443 synchronous 3 A step-down regulator and show how it can reduce system cost and board space. We also demonstrate how its 50ns minimum on-time allows for switching frequencies as high as 2 MHz in many applications.

Low-noise Power Converter

The demonstration features the new ADP5003, a 3 A step-down switching regulator with a low-noise linear regulator for post filtering included on the same chip. We show how the LDO, PSRR, and noise are designed to perfectly match the noise generated by the switcher. We also demonstrate how the switching regulator output voltage level is always set so that the LDO has enough headroom and can deliver the highest power conversion efficiency.

Connected Crop Monitoring for Smart Agriculture

The demo shows how a wireless monitoring platform can improve crop growth. We also demonstrate how it measures temperature, humidity and ambient light, and how the system determines growth metrics, such as Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Growing Degree Days (GDD).

Finding the Perfect Tomato

We showcase how ADI technology can identify the best-tasting tomato before you actually taste it. We show how ADI Material Sensing with SCiO Technology measures key characteristics in fruits and vegetables; alcohol content in beverages; and chemical composition of fuel and oil.

SMARTopolis in 60 seconds

We showcased ADI's IoT technology and solutions at electronica 2016. But how did we get there? Here's how our ADI extended family prepared for our SMARTopolis LEGO demonstration. It's all about teamwork!

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