Analog Devices offers a wide range of interface products that include solutions covering many industry standard communications standards. Digital isolators, isolated transceivers and isolated analog-to-digital converters utilizing the award winning iCoupler® and isoPower® technologies are also available to implement isolation in designs without the cost, size, power, performance and reliability constraints found with optocouplers. Other interface devices include keypad controllers, level translators and high voltage protection products, such as channel protection, fault protection, overvoltage protection and latch-up proof switches and multiplexers.

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AN-1176: Component Footprints and Symbols in the Binary .Bxl File Format  (pdf, 671 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-913: Isolating I2C Interfaces  (pdf, 280 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-830: Factors Affecting Sensor Response  (pdf, 161 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-829: Environmental Compensation on the AD7142: The Effects of Temperature and Humidity on Capacitance Sensors  (pdf, 101 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-660: XY-Matrix Keypad Interface to MicroConverter®  (pdf, 286 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-661: ADuC814 to ADM1032 via I2C® Interface  (pdf, 0 kB)
Even though the ADuC814 has an on-chip ±1.5°C temperature sensor, configured through the on-board ADC registers, it is often required that a remote or external temperature sensor be used.
Application Notes PDF
AN-533: Applying 5B Series Backplanes and Mounting Cards  (pdf, 145 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-541: Proper System Grounding Techniques for 6B Series Systems  (pdf, 32 kB) Application Notes PDF
Create Isolated Supply Rails with Integrated DC/DC Converter
isoPower® integrated and isolated DC/DC converter technology allows you to create a variety of isolated power supply rails with significant power and high levels of integration. Watch this video to learn more.
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ezLINX™ Series: Debugging Your RS-485 Network
The ezLINX iCoupler® isolated interface development tool provides a plug and play solution for evaluating 8 physical layer, digitally-isolated communication standards. This video takes you through the steps of debugging your RS-485 network.
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Replacing Optocouplers and Shunt Regulators with ADuM3190
This video discusses how the ADuM3190 isolated error amplifier can replace optocouplers and shunt regulators with in isolated power supplies.
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ezLinx™ Series: Debugging Your CAN Communications Network
The ezLinx iCoupler® isolated interface development tool provides a plug and play solution for evaluating 8 physical layers, digitally-isolated communication standards. This video shows the steps of debugging your CAN communication networks.
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Industry's Lowest Power Digital Isolators
The ADuM144x family of digital isolators is the industry's lowest power isolators. Capable of up to 2500V of isolation in an ultra-small QSOP package, check out how a common potato can drive these devices.
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ezLINX™ Isolated Integrated Development Environment
ezLINX™ is an integrated development environment containing eight isolated communications interfaces. In this demo, two boards communicate across a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus via twisted pair wiring.
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ADuM3223: iCoupler Gate Driver Motor Control Demo
Three ADuM3223 gate drivers isolate control signals from a power stage connected to a rectified AC mains input. The six pwm control signals from a Blackfin EZ Kit drive six IGBT gates to control a 3-phase induction motor at variable speed.
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ADuM3190 (Isolated Error Amp) & ADP1051 (Digital Controller)
This video features the isolated error amplifier ADuM3190 board and the demo board of the ADP1051 digital isolated DC to DC converter board.
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Demo circuit for 4- 20-mA HART Enabled Field Instruments
Field instrument demonstration circuit for a loop powered HART® enabled smart transmitter. A complete low power, high precision signal chain solution with minimum area overhead, tested and verified as part of ADI’s Circuits from the Lab™ initiative.
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EMC Robustness Demo for RS-485 with Robot Arm Motor Control
Complete EMC protection for RS-485 is shown in a robot arm motor control demo. Multiple RS-485 nodes use an externally certified EMC compliant circuit-from-the-lab®, with Analog Devices RS-485 transceivers and Bourns external protection devices.
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Loop-Powered Field Instrument Circuit with HART Interface
Save time in designing loop powered field instruments with Analog Devices’ demo circuit. It features low power, high performance components – ADuCM360 precision analog microcontroller, AD5421 16-bit 4-20mA loop-powered DAC and AD5700 FSK HART modem.
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Use Circuits from the Lab™ in Your Next Design
Watch how two engineers were able to use Analog Devices Circuits from the Lab to help solve their design challenge. From test data to HW evaluation, to project integration, we make it easy to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design.
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Simultaneous Sampling, Isolated, 16-bit DAQ Circuit
Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to simultaneous sample industrial level signals, in an isolated, high accuracy, daisy-chained data acquisition system. Documentation, design files, and hardware make it easy to integrate.
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20-Bit Voltage Source Circuit for High Accuracy Applications
Using a whiteboard and lab setup, our engineer shows how to implement a high accuracy 20-bit voltage source for precision instrumentation systems. High performance is maintained, and documentation, design files, & hardware make it easy to integrate.
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Experience the action at X-fest 2012 with Analog Devices
Analog Devices takes you inside the Boston event to witness the exciting activity taking place at these events worldwide. Hear how ADI, the analog signal processing experts, is enabling advanced technology solutions for Xilinx FPGAs.
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ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment
ezLINX™ is an isolated interface development environment that allows for plug and play system evaluation of eight physical layer, digitally-isolated communication standards simultaneously (USB, RS-422, RS-485, RS-232, CAN, 2 x SPI, I²C, and LVDS).
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Introduction to Multipoint LVDS and the ADN469xE Family
Introduction to Analog Devices MLVDS (Multi-point Low Voltage Differential Signalling) transceivers with 8kV IEC ESD Protection. Overview of MLVDS application areas, characteristics and comparison with LVDS.
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iCoupler® Digital Isolators in Motor Control Designs
Learn how iCoupler digital isolator technology helps motor control system designers achieve their stringent design goals by providing many advantages over optocouplers in a motor control solution.
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Interface and Isolation Demonstration
Shown is touch screen control of a robotic arm over an isolated CAN bus. The controller board contains the ADM3053 signal & power isolated CAN xceiver and is used w/ the ADuC7128 microcontroller to receive messages from the Blackfin BF548-EZ-KIT.
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AD5700: Low Power HART Modem
The AD5700 is a low power, Hart Modem with integrated precision oscillator. This video features ADI's HART Communication Foundation registered reference demo. The AD5700 is designed to interface easily with the following DACs: AD5421, AD5755, AD5422.
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The Importance of Isolation in Healthcare Applications
Learn how iCoupler® digital isolators provide a simple solution for connecting patients to a peripheral monitor or PC in a safe and isolated manner.
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Reinforced Insulation on Optocoupler, Digital and Capacitive Isolators
Analog Devices iCoupler® digital isolators meet the same safety requirements as optocouplers.
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Clocking Options for SPI Using iCoupler® Digital Isolators
This video shows a few examples of how to optimize clocking options using digital isolators in SPI applications. When selecting the right isolator, data rate is important, but the propagation delay through the isolator is even more important.
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Measuring Common-Mode Transient Immunity of Isolators
Common-Mode Transient Immunity, or CMTI, is an important characteristic of isolators. This video measures this key parameter to compare how iCoupler® Digital Isolators compare capacitor-based isolators and optocouplers.
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isoPower®: Integrated, Isolated Power & Data in One Package
Designs that need isolated data often need isolated power. iCoupler digital isolator technology isolates data by replacing optocouplers & can be used to create isolated DC-to-DC converters in a single package w/ data isolation. We call this isoPower.
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Isolated Controller Area Network (CAN)
This demonstration shows the seamless integration of an isolated CAN (controller area network) transceiver over an isolated CAN network. The demo highlight the application of the Analog Devices evaluation tool kit to a robotic arm control.
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iCMOS™ Switches and Multiplexers
Analog Devices proprietary iCMOS manufacturing process combines high voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies.
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The ADI Advantage in Integrated Isolated Transceivers
Transceivers with integrated digital isolators and integrated isolated power, designed to simplify customers’ isolation needs. This video summarizes the advantage of the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated isolated transceivers.
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How iCoupler® Digital Isolators Achieve 8.3mm Creepage
Learn how iCoupler digital isolators have achieved the CSA certification for packaging with a minimum of 8mm creepage for systems that operate up to 220-250 V AC, enabling designers to replace optocouplers.
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5kVrms Signal and Power Isolated RS-485 Transceivers
The ADM2682E and ADM2687E are a key addition to ADI’s portfolio of isolated transceivers integrating ADI’s iCoupler digital isolator technology and ADI’s isoPower technology.
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Insulation Thickness in Reinforced Isolation Devices
Electrical systems often use insulation for proper operation of circuits, protection of operators from electric shock, or enhanced protection when voltages could generate lethal shocks.
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iCoupler® Technology: An Alternative to Optocouplers
iCoupler® digital isolation technology addresses limitations of optocouplers. Optocouplers are slow, power hungry, difficult to integrate with other functions and degrade over time.
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ADuM4160: First Single Package USB Isolation Solution
The ADuM4160 is an integrated single chip USB isolator. It is designed to provide isolation in the D+/D- lines and works with existing USB ports.
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ADuM322x: iCoupler®, Dual Channel Gate Driver
The ADuM322x are dual-channel gate drivers designed for use in synchronous DC/DC converters. The family of devices integrates both iCoupler® digital isolator technology and 4A peak current gate drivers in a single, small SO-8 package.
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2.5kV rms Digital Isolators with Integrated, Isolated Power
The ADuM520x and the ADuM540x families are the second generation of isoPower products released by Analog Devices' proprietary iCoupler technology.
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5kV rms Digital Isolators with Integrated, Isolated Power Videos HTML
ADuM347x Isolated DC/DC Controller Overview
(Digi-Key Corporation)
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ADM3052/ADM3053: Fully Isolated CAN
The ADM3052 is an isolated controller area network (CAN) physical layer transceiver with a V+ integrated linear regulator. The ADM3052 complies with the ISO 11898 standard.
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EMI in isoPower® Devices
This in-depth video shows the viewer how to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference) in isoPower® devices
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2.5kV rms Digital Isolators with Integrated, Isolated Power
This video provides information on Analog Devices iCoupler technology.
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Working with Digital Isolators in Motor Control Applications
This webcast will look at the considerations and challenges at key isolation nodes within the motor control signal chain. Choice of an isolation architecture can greatly affect the final system architecture complexity and cost. The isolation required by safety standards for motor drive electronics can be addressed in multiple ways. We will examine some of the tradeoffs involved in designing a system under IEC standards.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Isolation in Ultra Low Power Applications
Advances in isolation technology have reduced the power consumption of digital isolators by orders of magnitude making convenience and safety of standard components available for low power applications. In this webcast we'll look at several designs that take advantage of quiescent currents less than 1uA per channel. This includes 4-20mA field instrumentation, telecom interfaces referenced to negative 42V rails and battery operated applications.
Webcasts WEBCAST
An Overview of Spectroscopy Instrumentation Techniques, Applications and Signal Chains
Spectroscopy techniques form the basis for almost all light-based measurements in laboratory and analytical instrumentation. The webcast will start with the basics, show the theory of operation and describe some typical spectroscopy signal chains. Next, we'll explain the challenges of the primary photodiode path and finish with a discussion of the auxiliary measurements that need to be considered in the component selection and end system design.
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Industrial Process Control: Communication Solutions
This webcast will provide an overview on industrial communications and trends in this market segment. It will focus on the most common connection between the process controller and the field instrument/actuator, the 4-20mA loop, and more specifically on the HART communication. A few examples of solutions for both the process controller and the field instrument side of the communication will be given and discussed.
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Got my data over the isolation barrier! Now how do I get power to run it?
“What do you mean I have to isolate this thing?” If you have ever thought your design was done only to find out you needed to isolate data in addition to getting power to the isolated circuits, then this webcast is for you. In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of the various methods of accomplishing this task while saving important board space, design time and cost.
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Isolated Interface Solutions for Industrial Sensor and Monitoring Applications (German)
This webcast reviews designs in which isolation is needed to protect personnel and equipment from harsh electrical environments. The presentation will detail interface power requirements and approaches for achieving design objectives. Topics will include performance tradeoffs for various approaches and applicable safety certifications for interface components.
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Guarding RS485 Communication Networks from Harmful EMC Events
In this webcast we will discuss industry’s first EMC compliant RS-485 interface design tool co-developed by Analog Devices and Bourns that provides up to Level 4 protection levels for IEC61000-4-2 ESD, IEC61000-4-4 EFT and IEC61000-4-5 surge .This webcast describes each of these main transient types, and presents and demonstrates three different EMC compliant solutions for three different cost / protection levels on RS-485 communication ports.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Low Power Smart Transmitters Design
In this webcast we will explore some of the key trends in modern field instrument design, the most complex of which are high performance, low power and increased diagnostic capabilities. We will examine the power consumption challenges of loop-powered smart transmitters. Finally it will give an example of a full signal chain solution that has been developed by Analog Devices and registered by the HART Communication Foundation.
Webcasts WEBCAST
How to Read a Datasheet
What is in a datasheet, and how can the information it contains help you select the right part for your design? This wide-ranging and informative webcast will take you through a typical datasheet and explain the full meaning behind many often misunderstood specs.
Webcasts WEBCAST
Solving Isolation Challenges in Industrial Automation
This webcast will discuss the role isolation plays in providing protection and reducing the system bit-error-rate, using the specific design challenges of an RS-485 network. Topics to be covered in this presentation will include: Why and when one should isolate, Types of isolation and their advantages, Design Considerations for an RS-485 node (and how this translates to design considerations for signal isolation) as well as many other topics.
Webcasts WEBCAST
UG-311: Reliability Handbook  (pdf, 3248 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-440: Evaluating the ADM3252E Isolated, Dual Channel, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver  (pdf, 457 kB) User Guides PDF
Digital Isolation Offers Compact, Low-Cost Solutions to Challenging Design Problems
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 40, December 2006)
Analog Dialogue HTML
MS-2579: Digital Isolators Offer Easy to Use Isolated USB Option  (pdf, 258 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2576: Balancing the Major Elements of an Isolator for Safety's Sake  (pdf, 259 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2575: RS-485 Communication Link vs. the Electric Fence: A Demonstration of RS-485 EMC Robustness  (pdf, 473 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Digital Isolator Product Selection and Resource Guide  (pdf, 640 kB) Technical Articles PDF
HART Communication Made Easy  (pdf, 521 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2302: Digital Isolators Offer Performance Advantages in Industrial Motor Drive Applications  (pdf, 446 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Inside iCoupler Technology: Surge Testing of Digital Isolators  (pdf, 608 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS2258: Reducing the Size and Complexity of an Isolated Synchronous Gate Driver  (pdf, 400 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS2242: Reinforced Isolation in Data Couplers  (pdf, 491 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Automotive Digital Isolators  (pdf, 283 kB) Technical Articles PDF
How to Calculate the Controller Parameters for an Isolated CAN (Controller Area Network) Network to Run at 1 Mbps  (pdf, 373 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2234: Anatomy of a Digital Isolator  (pdf, 137 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Functional SPI Isolation  (pdf, 680 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Creepage Requirements for Medical Applications  (pdf, 588 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Simplify USB Isolation in Medical Applications
This article discusses various ways of implementing isolation with USB. In particular, a new option, which allows simple, inexpensive isolation of peripheral devices—especially including the D+ and D– lines—increasing the usefulness of USB in medical and industrial applications.
(ECN, 3/31/2010)
Technical Articles HTML
Simplifying Design of Industrial Process-Control Systems with PLC Evaluation Boards
PLC evaluation board applications for industrial process-control systems are diverse, ranging from simple traffic control to complex electrical power grids, from environmental control systems to oil-refinery process control.
(Industrial Control DesignLine, 8/24/09 - Part 1 and 9/3/09 - Part 1)
Technical Articles HTML
Isolating the USB in Medical Systems
New technology can directly isolate USB signal lines and thus provide designers with more flexibility.
(Medical, Fall 2009)
Technical Articles HTML
Simplifying Design of Industrial Process-Control Systems with PLC Evaluation Boards (Part 1 of 2)
PLC evaluation board applications for industrial process-control systems are diverse, ranging from simple traffic control to complex electrical power grids, from environmental control systems to oil-refinery process control.
(Industrial Control DesignLine, 8/24/09)
Technical Articles HTML
Micro-Transformers Provide Signal and Power Isolation for Hybrid Electric Vehicles  (pdf, 234 kB)
By Baoxing Chen, Sr. Staff Engineer, Analog Devices, Inc.
Technical Articles PDF
High Speed Digital Isolators Using Microscale On-Chip Transformers  (pdf, 2717 kB)
By Baoxing Chen, John Wynne, and Ronn Kliger
Technical Articles PDF
iCoupler® Products with isoPower™ Technology: Signal and Power Transfer Across Isolation Barrier Using Microtransformers  (pdf, 1306 kB)
By Baoxing Chen
Technical Articles PDF
Microtransformer Isolation Benefits Digital Control
by Dr. Baoxing Chen, Analog Devices, Inc. (Power Electronics Technology, October 2008)
Technical Articles HTML
Digital Isolation Offers Compact, Low-Cost Solutions to Challenging Design Problems
(Analog Dialogue, Vol. 40, December 2006)
Technical Articles HTML
Analog Devices Achieves Major Milestone by Shipping 1 Billionth Channel of iCoupler Digital Isolation (19 Sep 2013) Press Releases HTML
Industrial Applications Overview HTML
Industrial Automation Solutions  (pdf, 6110 kB) Overview PDF
RS-485 Applications Guide (May 2006)  (pdf, 2735 kB) Solutions Bulletins PDF
Industrial ICs
Industrial ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 10, Issue 8
Solutions Bulletins HTML
Chengbo’s high precision industrial flow meters strike perfect balance of performance, cost efficiency, and system size with ADI iCoupler digital isolators  (pdf, 328 kB) Customer Case Studies PDF
Lantronix new wireless medical devices, replacing older and less reliable optocoupler base  (pdf, 319 kB) Customer Case Studies PDF
Can I exceed the parameters specified in the absolute maximum ratings table? FAQs/RAQs HTML
What is latch-up and how can I prevent it? FAQs/RAQs HTML
UG-440: Evaluating the ADM3252E Isolated, Dual Channel, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver  (pdf, 457 kB) Documentation PDF
Glossary of EE Terms Glossary HTML
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