Mobile I/O Expander and Keypad Controller

Analog Devices' family of mobile I/O expanders are ideal for SmartPhone designs and portable devices that require a large extended keypad and/or expanded I/Os such as inventory scanners, medical equipment, and meter readers. Microprocessors in portable systems are GPIO constrained due to the number of functions they must interface with and control. They are also power hungry making them inefficient for de-bouncing, polling and key press scanning algorithms. ADI’s family of mobile I/O expanders offloads key-scan and GPIO functions from the CPU, freeing up the processor for higher priority functions resulting in energy savings. They also reduce the number of I/O lines which resulting in smaller PCB area and flex cables.

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Mobile I/O Expander-Keypad Controller

Part# Vin min (V)Vin max (V)Number of I/OsQWERTY KeypadOther FunctionsUS Price 1000-4999
ADP55202.7V5.5V8YesAmbient Light Sensing , I2C I/O $1.66
ADP55851.8V3.6V-YesI2C I/O & register $0.75
ADP5587--18YesI2C I/O $1.15
ADP55881.8V3V16YesI2C I/O $1.2
ADP55891.8V3V19YesI2C I/O & register $1.2
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