Isolated Gate Drivers

Isolated gate drivers provide electrical isolation as well as strong gate drive capability, which is often required for safety and robustness in many system architectures. The isolated gate driver portfolio from Analog Devices offers designers performance and reliability advantages over designs utilizing optocouplers or pulse transformers. Utilizing ADI’s proven iCoupler® technology, the isolated gate driver family offers the advantage of a maximum propagation delay of 50 ns, less than 5 ns channel-to-channel matching, a 50-year lifetime for 400 V rms working voltage and galvanic isolation in a single package.


Isolated Gate Drivers

Part# Insulation Rating (kVrms)Isolated Output Supply (mIsolated Output (V)minIsolated Output (V)maxInput LogicMax Operating Temp (°C)Automotive QualifiedUS-Price-1000-to-4999
ADUM12332.5KV rms-12V18VTTL105Deg- $1.38
ADUM12342.5KV rms-12V18VCMOS105Deg- $1.38
ADUM14201.6KV rms-12V18VTTL105Deg- **
ADUM32202.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.6
ADUM32212.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.6
ADUM32233KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125DegYes $1.7
ADUM32243KV rms---CMOS-Yes $2.15
ADUM42235KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125Deg- $2.03
ADUM52302.5KV rms10mA12V18VCMOS105Deg- $2.27
ADUM61323.7KV rms22mA12.5V17VCMOS85Deg- $2.12
ADUM72232.5KV rms-4.5V18VCMOS125Deg- $1.51
ADUM7234Reference Circuit Available1KV rms-12V18VCMOS105Deg- $1.4
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