Transimpedance Amplifiers

ADI’s transimpedance amplifier family offers complete, single-chip solutions for converting photodiode current into a differential voltage output, supporting data rates from 155Mbps to 11.1Gbps. Featuring low input referred noise current, high input overload current and low power dissipation, applications include: 1x2x4x Fibre Channel, 10GBASE-LX4, SONET/SDH up to OC-192 FEC and 10Gb. Layouts are optimized for SFP ROSA packages such as TO-Cans.


Fiber Optic Transimpedance Amplifiers

Part#Transimpedance (kohm)Voltage Supply (V)Power Dissipation (mW)Current Noise (pA/rtHz)Overload Current (mA p-p)Total Jitter (pS p-p)Output Return Loss (dB)Die Size (mm x mm)
ADN2882 4 kOhms 3.3 75 mW 10 pA/rtHz - - 20 0.7 x 1.2
ADN2880 4.4 kOhms 3.3 75 mW 8 pA/rtHz 3.25 mA p-p - 20 0.7 x 1.2
ADN2820 5 kOhms 3.3 200 mW 11 pA/rtHz 3 mA p-p 0 ps 10 0.9 x 1.1
AD8015 20 kOhms 5 125 mW 3 pA/rtHz 350 µA p-p - - 1 x 1
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Photo Detector with Integrated Transimpedance Amplifier

Part#Data Rate (Max)Output Levels (mVpp diff)Power Dissipation (typ)Vout (V p-p)maxOutput Type
ADN3000-06 11 Gbps 270 mV p-p 65 mW 270 mV p-p Differential
AD8015 - - 125 mW - -
AD800 156 Mbps - - - -
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  • ADN3010-11- 11.3 Gbps Optical Receiver

    The ADN3010-11 is a high speed optical receiver featuring a proprietary large area germanium photodiode monolithically integrated with a silicon TIA and LA. The integration of the photodiode eliminates bond wires between the diode and the TIA that provides guaranteed performance and improved manufacturing reliability. The 50 μm diameter photodetector enables an easy optical coupling design when MoreRead more

    ADN3010-11 Diagram
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