Data Pattern Generator (DPG) High-Speed DAC Evaluation Platform

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The Data Pattern Generator is a bench-top instrument for driving vectors into Analog Devices' high-speed Digital-to-Analog converters. The DPG connects to a PC over USB, and allows a user to download a vector from their PC into the DPG’s internal memory. Once downloaded, the vector can be played out to an attached Evaluation Board for a specific DAC at full speed. This allows for rapid evaluation of the DAC with both generic and custom-generated test data.




Analog Devices' pattern generators and high-speed DAC evaluation boards are designed and sold solely to support an efficient and thorough means by which to evaluate Analog Devices high speed DACs in a lab environment for a wide range of end applications. Any application or use of the pattern generators and/or high-speed DAC evaluation boards, other than specified above, will not be supported.


Three versions of the DPG hardware exist. The latest version replaces all previous versions. For information on each platform, see the following pages:

Software and Tools

Software to run all the DPGs is available in the DAC Software Suite (Wiki Site). Documentation for installing the suite, as well as using the included applications and interfacing to 3rd party applications is available on the DAC Software Suite page.

Eval Board Compatibility

Data Input Type Product Number Eval Board for DPG1 DPG2/DPG3 DPG2/DPG3 Adapter
CMOS AD9117/AD9116/AD9115/AD9114 AD911x-EBZ AD911x-DPG2-EBZ --
CMOS AD9707/AD9706/AD9705/AD9704 AD970x-EBZ With Adapter Adapter + Ribbon Cable
CMOS AD9717/AD9716/AD9715/AD9714 AD971x-EBZ AD971x-DPG2-EBZ --
LVDS AD9736/AD9735/AD9734 AD973x-EBZ AD973x-DPG2-EBZ --
LVDS AD9739 None AD9739-EBZ --
CMOS AD9747/AD9746/AD9745/AD9743/AD9741 AD9747-EBZ AD9747-DPG2-EBZ --
LVDS AD9783/AD9781/AD9780 AD9783-EBZ AD9783-DUAL-EBZ --
LVDS or CMOS AD9789 -- AD9789-EBZ
(DPG2 Only)
CMOS AD9863/AD9862/AD9861/AD9860 AD986x-EBZ Not Yet --
CMOS AD9779/AD9779A/AD9778/AD9778A/AD9776/AD9776A AD977x-EBZ
AD977x-DPG2-EBZ --
CMOS AD9788/AD9787/AD9785 AD978x-EBZ
AD978x-DPG2-EBZ --
CMOS AD9786 AD9786-EBZ With Adapter Adapter + Ribbon Cable
LVDS AD9726 AD9726-EBZ None --
LVDS AD9122 -- AD9122-xxx-EBZ --
CMOS AD9125 -- AD9125-xxx-EBZ --
LVDS AD9148 -- AD9148-xxx-EBZ --
CMOS AD9963/AD9961 -- AD9963-EBZ (Tx Only) --
LVDS AD9119/AD9129 -- AD9129-EBZ --

Please note:

Analog Devices Data Pattern Generators are strictly one per customer and NC/NR applies on all orders. For more information please visit (Wiki Site)


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Data Pattern Generator (DPG) High-Speed DAC Evaluation Platform
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AD-DPG3 Status: Production Analog Devices Data Pattern Generator Version 3 $3,500.00 Yes -

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