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Healthcare Webcast: Fundamentals of ADC Technologies for Healthcare Design

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This session will explain the main ADC architectures in use today, and their advantages and disadvantages for different medical and healthcare applications such as ECG, diagnostics and ultrasound. It will present the latest developments in: Successive approximation, Sigma delta, Pipelined architectures, Design guidance on clocking, grounding, shielding and other techniques to get the best performance from the device will be presented.
Presenter: Tom O’Dwyer
Healthcare Technology Director
Analog Devices

Tom O’Dwyer is Director of Technology for Healthcare at Analog Devices Inc (ADI), with responsibility for new product and technology development for the worldwide healthcare market. His area of interest is new and emerging technologies including MEMS devices, biotechnology, body-worn sensors, and electrochemistry. His responsibility encompasses a wide range of semiconductor components and processes aimed at the medical instrumentation, imaging, patient monitoring, home healthcare and implanted device sectors.

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