High Speed CODEC/Analog Front End

High-speed CODEC/AFE products are components optimized to take advantage of smart partitioning by integrating amplifiers, filters, receive ADCs and/or transmit path data conversion (DACs). In some cases, they also integrate auxiliary data converters and other support functions. These products provide a highly integrated solution for various applications including communications infrastructure, broadband wireless, home networking, cable modems, and set top boxes.

To learn more about designing with CODEC/AFE products you can access webcasts, tutorials, design handbooks, application notes and technical articles on the Data Converter Knowledge Resource. Additional online technical support for CODEC/AFE products is available by joining the discussions in the Data Converter Community on the Engineer Zone.


High Speed Baseband ADC

Part#ADC Bits x #ADCs-SpeedDAC Bits x #DACs-ClkSpeedSample RateUS Price 1000-4999Ain Range (V p-p)minAin Range (V p-p)max
AD9993 14x4-250 MHz 14x2-500 MHz - $148.70 - -
AD9963 12x2-100 MHz 12x2-170 MHz 100 MSPS $29.50 1.56 V p-p 1.56 V p-p
AD9961 10x2-100 MHz 10x2-170 MHz 100 MSPS $25.75 1.56 V p-p 1.56 V p-p
AD9869 12x1-80 MHz 12x1-80 MHz 80 MSPS $18.27 - -
AD9868 10x1-33 MHz 12x1-232 MHz 80 MSPS - 8 mV p-p 6.33 V p-p
AD9866 12x1-80 MHz 12x1-200 MHz 80 MSPS $18.77 8 mV p-p 6.3 V p-p
AD9865 10x1-80 MHz 10x1-200 MHz 80 MSPS $10.07 8 mV p-p 6.3 V p-p
AD9863 12x2-50 MHz 12x2-200 MHz 50 MSPS $21.68 2 V p-p 2 V p-p
AD9861-50 10x2-50 MHz 10x2-200 MHz 50 MSPS $10.84 2 V p-p 2 V p-p
AD9861-80 10x2-80 MHz 10x2-200 MHz 80 MSPS $13.80 2 V p-p 2 V p-p
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