Engineered. Tested. Ready to Integrate.


Introduction to Circuits from the Lab® Reference Designs


    Hardware Enables…

  • Modular approach to system designs
  • Application ready software
  • Fast prototyping with FPGA and MCU

    Design & Integration Files Support…

  • Schematic, layout, BOM downloads
  • Linux code for driver development
  • Simplified application integration

    Documentation Provides…

  • Expert applications knowledge
  • Understanding of circuit capabilities
  • Tested and verified performance data

What makes Circuits from the Lab reference designs unique?

Sample circuit CN0241
  • Address analog, RF, and mixed-signal design challenges by applying ADI's vast applications expertise.
  • Circuit designs are built and tested by the experts, to ensure both performance and function.
  • Low cost hardware allows for evaluation and rapid prototyping with several development platforms.
  • Thorough documentation and design files ease application understanding and minimize system integration issues.

Watch the video

These circuits have been tested and verified in hardware; however, as described in the disclaimer, you are solely responsible for determining suitability and applicability for your use and application
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