ADDI9020:  60 MHz CCD Signal Processor with V-Driver and Precision Timing Generator

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Product Status:Recommended for New Designs

The ADDI9020 is a complete 60 MHz front-end solution for digital still cameras and other charge-coupled device (CCD) imaging applications. The ADDI9020 includes the analog front end (AFE), a fully programmable timing generator (TG), and a 12-channel V-driver. A Precision Timing® core allows adjustment of high speed clocks with approximately 260 ps resolution at 60 MHz operation.

The on-chip V-driver supports up to 12 channels for use with multifield CCDs.

The analog front end includes black level clamping, CDS, VGA, and a 12-bit ADC. The timing generator and V-driver provide all the necessary CCD clocks: RG, H-clocks, vertical clocks, sensor gate pulses, a substrate clock, and substrate bias control. The internal registers are programmed using a 3-wire serial interface.

Packaged in a 7 mm × 7 mm CSP_BGA, the ADDI9020 is specified over an operating temperature range of −25°C to +85°C.

  • High speed digital cameras


  • 1.8 V analog/digital core
  • Integrated 12-channel vertical driver (V-driver)
  • 12-bit, 60 MHz analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Complete on-chip timing generator
  • Precision Timing core with
    ~260 ps resolution
  • Correlated double sampler (CDS) with variable gain
  • 0 dB to 36 dB, 10-bit variable gain amplifier (VGA)
  • Black level clamp with variable level control
  • On-chip 3 V horizontal and reset gate (RG) drivers
  • 2-phase and 4-phase H-clock modes
  • Electronic and mechanical shutter support
  • On-chip 1.8 V LDO
  • On-chip driver for external crystal
  • On-chip sync generator with external sync input

For more information about the ADDI9020, contact the CCD Development Group.

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