Motor Control: Why ADI... Why Now?

We can help you design motor control systems that are safer, more productive, and optimized for energy efficency.

Analog Devices knows that more stringent energy regulations worldwide demand smarter and highly efficient motor control systems. We give design engineers a system-level view with consideration of the critical isolation architecture, allowing systems to achieve the greatest level of efficiency while improving accuracy and reliability.

A System View of Energy Efficiency

With electric motors and their drive systems consuming up to 46% of the world’s electricity, regulatory agencies across the industrial countries have introduced minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), resulting in widespread demand for high-efficient motor drive systems.

Motor Drive Ecosystem for Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Automated machines and processes in a modern factory have multiple control layers that determine the efficiency of the motors and the overall production process. By taking a system view, there is a new capacity to optimize the operation of machines and processes and add new levels of efficiency in energy and productivity.

Efficient Torque Production to Improve Motor Efficiency

There are multiple control layers that determine the efficiency of the motors and the overall production process. The first layer adjusts the power inverter switching sequence to control the motor voltage and current, as well as maximize torque production efficiency. Motor efficiency is a function of the torque produced per amp supplied and motor construction and particularly the rotor field structure. Drive manufacturers now supply standard drive boxes that can be configured for a variety of motor models and types and include algorithms to optimize motor efficiency and monitor the drive health.  In addition, a growing trend is to connect the drives to the factory network to further improve efficiency by coordinating the operation of multiple drives.

Precision Isolation and Communication for Efficient Motion Control

The position and speed controller layer provides execution comments to operate automated machine efficiently. The communication and systems layer is growing in importance as multiple motors are now synchronized over high speed data networks, also connected to the factory network. The combination of precision in motion and communication timing enables shorter machine production cycles and reduces the amount of energy consumed to manufacture each part.

Modeling Tools Enable Rapid Customization to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Automated machines are complex interconnected systems requiring the support of multi-disciplinary engineering teams often working in different companies. Modeling tools support complete system models, including state control, motion algorithm, motor and machine load. While the complete design process cannot be fully automated, the number of prototype builds can be significantly reduced. Drive companies can thus rapidly deploy new control functions for specific applications to optimize energy efficiency and automation productivity.

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Model-Based Design – Making Design Easy

System Design Value for Any Motor Control System

Model-based design was developed to help simplify the difficulties and complexities inherent in control systems designs using traditional nonautomated methods. Model-based design provides the designer with a virtual design environment that enables developers to use a single model of their entire system.

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Mixed-Signal Control Processor – Precise Control Optimizes Motor Efficiency

The enhancement of processors such as ADSP-CM40x ARM Cortex-M4 family are bringing price/performance balance to a level where implementations of more sophisticated motor control algorithms are gaining traction in higher volume solutions. With built-in digital filter functions, high performance floating point capability, and extended mathematical capability, these processors allow more complex and combined algorithms to create a better controller and control scheme, pushing the efficiency of motor drives closer to 100%.

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Digital Isolation in Motor Control – Protect Users, Equipment and Components While Optimizing System Performance

Isolating users and sensitive electronics has been a key consideration in motor control systems. Safety isolation protects users from harmful voltages, while functional isolation is focus on protecting equipment and components. Careful selection of isolation methods not only addresses safety needs in system design but consequently, provide system-level benefits in motor control applications.

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Partners That Enhance ADI's Products and System-Level Solutions

ARM Holdings plc is the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier. The technology ARM designs is at the heart of many of the digital electronic products sold.
Boston Engineering provides a full suite of engineering and product development services spanning mechanical, electrical, software, and systems engineering. Boston Engineering is Analog Devices’ exclusive motor control design partner in North America and Europe.
IAR Systems is the world’s leading independent provider of software for programming of processors in embedded systems.
MathWorks® is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development.
Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of all programmable FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D ICs.

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This is a discussion, FAQ and information forum related to the different motor control system platforms provided by Analog Devices. This specifically hardware-related forum covers the following platforms:

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  • Isolated Inverter Platform

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