As smarter and highly efficient motor control systems becomes the new standard for the motor control industry, ADI has taken a system-level view of the new challenges to develop products that not only exceed the individual performance specifications but also represent the optimal interface between other functional blocks of the circuit.  The system solution approach enables ADI to offer industrial-based customers a completely integrated solution that fits their specific needs while helping them meet the new, more stringent energy regulations.


Digital Isolation with iCoupler Technology

ADI’s digital isolation products with iCoupler® and isoPower technologies enable designers to implement isolation in the industrial motor control designs with the advantage of smaller size, lower cost, lower power consumption, functional integration and higher reliability.

Embedded Processors

ADI’s processors for motor control applications include ADSP-CM40x mixed-signal ASSPs for high end drive and servo control, ADSP-214xx SHARC floating-point DSPs and ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x multicore SHARC+ARM SOC for motion controllers and high end drive and servo control.

Position and Current Sensing

ADI offers an extensive portfolio of simultaneous sampling ADCs incorporating high performance, resolution, and accuracy with multiple channel combinations that serve a variety of motor control feedback and sensing needs.

Many motor control systems operate at variable shaft rotation speeds. To provide the most accurate position information, a system with flexible resolution is requires. ADI offers resolver-to-digital converter that provides resolution change on-the-fly, providing a high level of functionality required to interface to resolvers with a reduced number of external components.

Standard Linear

ADI offers current sense amplifiers with critical step response time and common-mode voltage step immunity, difference amplifiers for voltage and current sensing, precision op amps for signal conditioning and voltage references products with specifications built to optimize motor control systems.

Power Management

ADI’s digital power factor correction series with PMBus offer versatile controllers with input power metering capability to ±1% accuracy. The products are programmable in hardware state machine for robust and reliable motor control PFC solutions. ADI’s regulator products for motor control offer a selection of power integrated point of load (POL) devices supporting a wide range of power distribution options.


Advanced motor control combine control algorithms, industrial networks, and user interfaces that require additional processing power and multichip implementation. ADI’s FPGA motor control solutions offer designers a complete motor drive system with controller board, designed to connect to FPGA or SoC platforms with FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) connectors, and a drive board for testing real-time motor control performance.