Advances in connectivity and cloud computing are helping us realize greater value from the massive amounts of data collected in our world of ubiquitous sensing. However, we’re quickly learning that the future of IoT will require a more holistic, system-level approach to extracting insights from data. Collecting raw, low quality data at the edge and relying solely on the cloud for analytics is far from optimal – the implications on accuracy, reliability, speed, and security can be extremely costly.

At Analog Devices, we’re bringing intelligence to the edge by optimizing data quality and analytics within the things to ensure only the most relevant, accurate, and secure information is sent to the cloud. We do this by taking a system-level approach, leveraging hardware and software throughout the system to ensure the right level of insight is developed at the optimal point. From human biometrics to machine vibration profiles, our technologies are seeing, hearing, and feeling things that couldn’t be measured before, and our customers are realizing new possibilities, more reliable outcomes, and lower costs of development and ownership.

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What is IoT?

At Analog Devices, we're bringing intelligence to the edge in IoT by optimizing data quality and analytics within the "things" to ensure only the most relevant, accurate, and secure information is sent to the cloud.


You wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation, why build your IoT solution that way? Our technologies sense, measure, interpret, and connect in ways that add integrity and intelligence at the edge, improving the overall reliability, impact, and efficiency of the IoT solution.

IoT Technologies

Technology Areas



Sensing is the birthplace of data in the IoT. Our high performance sensing portfolio combines precision, power efficiency, and robustness to ensure the highest level of integrity right from the start.

MEMS Inertial
• Biopotential
• Impedance

Product Highlight: ADXL362

• Ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer consumes less than 2 μA at a 100 Hz output data rate and 270 nA when in motion triggered wake-up mode.



Our robust signal conditioning technologies play a critical role in turning the most sensitive signals into useful data and solving the most challenging measurement problems faced by our customers.

• Integrated AFEs
• Converters
• References
Power management

Product Highlight: AD8233 Electrocardiogram (ECG) Integrated AFE

• Small size enables health devices that are smaller, lighter, and easier to wear.
• Microamp-range power requirements enable extended battery life and continuous monitoring.
• Low electrical noise enables precise signal measurement.
• On-chip integration including multiple filtering and amplifiers enables ease of use.



The brain of the connected solution, our processors combine hardware and advanced algorithms to deliver intelligence, functionality, and localized decision making for IoT solutions.

Ultralow power microcontrollers and processors
• Integrated precision microcontrollers and processors
Blackfin® low power DSP

Product Highlight: ADuCM3027/ADuCM3029

• Ultralow power ARM® Cortex®-M3 MCU with integrated power management and 256 kB of embedded flash memory.
• High performance ULPBench certified score of 245.5 points (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium)
• Faster encryption enabled by a combination of hardware and software protection mechanisms providing read protection



Our IoT radio products ensure power efficiency, reliability, and flexibility across a number of wireless protocols and range requirements. They enable robust networks in applications where timeliness and reliability of information are critical.

• Long range radio transceivers
• High data rate radio transceivers
• Integrated radio/micros

Product Highlight: ADF7030-1

• Sub-GHz integrated radio transceiver. Supports narrow-band and wideband operation across sub-GHz ISM bands, with low power operation and data rates from 0.1 kbps to 300 kbps using 2GFSK modulation. Low power operation reduces battery cost and increases product lifetime.
• Faster encryption enabled by a combination of hardware and software protection mechanisms providing read protection.

Power Management in IoT


Because many IoT applications require wireless, remote, or mobile solutions, power management can be a primary challenge in system design. Battery life can have significant implications on cost of ownership, and can sometimes be a barrier to viability. Analog Devices takes a system-level approach to power management. What does this mean?

• Energy harvesting technology to source power from the environment
• Ultralow power products that often achieve best benchmark scores in class
• System-level power management functions built in at the component level
• Unmatched design expertise around low power systems

Product Highlight: ADP5091

• ADP5091 energy harvesting PMU
• ULP boost with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and charge management
• Supports PV harvester or TEG harvester
• Fast cold start with SIDO regulated output

Our Focus Application Areas


Smart Health

Our healthcare technologies are shaping the future of wireless vital signs monitoring (VSM) for both clinical and consumer uses. By leveraging optical and motion sensing, impedance, biopotential, and signal conditioning technologies, as well as advanced biometric algorithms, we’re pushing the boundaries of what can be measured and learned from the human body.


Smart Factories

Our technologies enable precision sensing, monitoring, control, analytics, and efficient communications in factory and process automation applications. Our solutions help designers build industry 4.0-ready systems that meet the end users’ need for more responsive, flexible, safer, and leaner manufacturing.

City & Building

Smart Buildings & Smart City

We help customers build smart building and city solutions delivering secure and intelligent sensing, localized decision making, and power efficiency. Our advanced imaging and sensing platforms combine hardware, software, and connectivity, enabling users to realize the full benefits of real-time monitoring in applications such as building security, asset tracking, parking space occupancy detection, object and gesture recognition, and many more.


Smart Agriculture

We empower the high tech farm with the most precise and robust inertial measurement and geolocation technologies available. Our advanced sensor fusion designs are the eyes and ears of todays automated farming vehicles and equipment, enabling real-time autonomous decision making, greater resource efficiencies, and simplified operations.


Smart Infrastructure

Highly integrated sensing and connectivity solutions enable our customers to monitor their critical assets at the edge – whether in industrial environments, remote field locations, or in transit. From structural health and conditions monitoring to location and movement tracking, our high performance and low power solutions deliver the most accurate, reliable information at the lowest cost of maintenance.

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