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Analog Devices understands that many applications require signal processing solutions that can operate beyond 125°C. For designers in oil and gas exploration, geothermal monitoring, industrial engine control, and other applications ADI offers products characterized at elevated temperatures. We focus on technology, quality, and reliability in order to make innovative solutions available to our customers.

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EVAL-ADXRS645 Circuit Diagram

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The EVAL-ADXRS645Z is a simple, compact breakout board that facilitates quick performance evaluation of the high temperature ADXRS645 ±2000°/sec analog output single-axis rate gyroscope. Use this evaluation board to evaluate performance on the bench, over temperature, and to facilitate system integration.

The EVAL-ADXRS645Z has two sets of 5-lead, 0.1 inch pin spaced plated through holes that make electrical connections between the ADXRS645 and the existing system. The EVAL- ADXRS645Z also provides four mounting holes for mechanical attachment of the board to the application.

The dimensions of the EVAL-ADXRS645Z are 1.275 inch × 1.275 inch (32.38 mm × 32.38 mm) with two sets of mounting holes. The outer set of holes is 0.15 inch (3.81 mm) in diameter and arranged in a 1.0 inch × 1.0 inch (25.4 mm × 25.4 mm) square around the center of the printed circuit board (PCB). 

All parts in the Bill of Materials section (including polyimide laminate PCB) are rated for high temperature, 175°C, for short duration testing at elevated temperatures. The assembly has not been qualified for extended use at high temperatures.

The schematic and board layout, as well as the board itself, indicate the pin names for easy identification. For additional information on the pin functions, refer to the ADXRS645 data sheet.

R2 is a solder link jumper that connects VRATIO to the VCC input (see Figure 2) on the board. R2 is installed by default and must be removed if a separate VRATIO is desired.

A resistor can be installed in the R1 footprint to extend the measurement range of the device. Refer to the ADXRS645 data sheet for more information on this feature.

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