A Note From the Editor

Welcome to the November issue of Analog Dialogue.

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This month we introduce a Power by Linear™ article that will focus on the legacy of Linear Technology and highlight the outstanding power products and technology that are now a part of Analog Devices. Going forward, we will dedicate one of our featured monthly articles to a topic from a Power by Linear author. It’s exciting for us to offer this highly valuable technical information to our subscribers. We would also like to welcome new readers to explore the broad range of topics regularly featured in Analog Dialogue, which spans the full signal processing signal chain.You can also subscribe to the new Power by Linear newsletter.

The first Power by Linear article comes from Afshin Odabaee, our business unit manager for power products in California. Afshin’s topic is point-of-load regulators. He presents an idea that not only improves efficiency but scalability as well. You need more current? Just add another regulator in parallel. Curious about that? I encourage you to read Afshin’s article.

I hope you had a chance to read Chris Murphy’s “Choosing the Most Suitable MEMS Accelerometer for Your Application—Part 1.” In this month’s Analog Dialogue, we’re happy to present part 2. I hope those two articles help you to find the right MEMS devices for your acceleration, tilt, and vibration or shock measurement application. Chris is a senior applications engineer working mainly with MEMS devices.

Maithil Pachchigar introduces you to the 16-/18-/20-bit AD4000 family in his article, “Pin-Compatible High Input Impedance ADC Family Enables Ease of Drive and Broadens ADC Driver Selection.” System designers are often forced to select a high power, high speed amplifier to drive the switched capacitor SAR ADC. Maithil’s article also addresses this common pain point.

The RAQ in this month’s Analog Dialogue continues the power theme. Would it make sense to replace Schottky diodes in an isolated synchronous rectifier application by MOSFETs? Frederik Dostal, a power management expert in Europe, answers this question.

Ever thought about the difference between baseband, band-pass, and wideband bandwidth? And are you using the terminology in the right context? In our StudentZone article, Rob Reeder tells you more about it. Rob is a system application engineer who has written multiple articles on high speed and RF.

And as we have for 50 years, we invite you to be part of the “dialogue” in Analog Dialogue. You can get in touch through our blog, Facebook page, or email. Let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see from us in the coming months.