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Because Mr. Ohm Said So …

In my system the SPI interface for the ADC is returning 0xFF for every read. What could be wrong?



Introducing StudentZone

Welcome to the first installment of the StudentZone in Analog Dialogue. If you’re an electrical engineering student or recent graduate with an interest in analog electronics, this feature is for you.

Today, the modern E.E. curriculum includes so many topics (microprocessors, DSPs, integrated circuits, robotics, wireless communications, etc.) that the basic fundamentals of dc and ac circuit analysis are usually compressed into one or two courses at best. So when you graduate, you may feel at home with microprocessors and DSPs, but a little bit intimidated by linear circuits that utilize analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, operational amplifiers, and other signal conditioning circuits.

This is where Analog Devices comes in. We have a wealth of experience in linear signal conditioning and mixed-signal circuits and provide free access to technical books, tutorials, technical articles, application notes, design tools, and webcasts. These online resources can serve as a valuable aid in your current studies, research projects, or designs. In this column, tailored just for you, we will examine those resources and explain their significance in supporting and reinforcing the analog and mixed-signal EE course of study.  Read more ...