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Greetings from your new Analog Dialogue editor, Bernhard Siegel. I want to thank my predecessor, Jim Surber, for the great work he did as an editor. Jim retired just last month, and I hope he will enjoy his free time from now on.

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Presto! Multiply Your ADC’s Virtual Channel Count with DDC Magic

I bought a dual-channel ADC and configured the digital downconverters. Now I am being told I have four converters! Is there a 2-for-1 data converter sale I wasn’t aware of?



Grounding and Decoupling: Learn Basics Now and Save Yourself Much Grief Later! Part 2: Decoupling

In the last article, we highlighted the importance of maintaining a low impedance ground plane to provide a path for digital and analog return currents. This article discusses the equally important and related topic of power supply decoupling to maintain low impedances at the points where power enters the integrated circuit (IC).

Analog integrated circuits such as amplifiers and converters have at least two or more power supply pins. In the case of single-supply devices, one of the pins is usually connected to the ground. Mixed-signal devices such as ADCs and DACs can have an analog and digital supply voltage, as well as an I/O voltage. Digital ICs such as FPGAs can also have multiple power supply voltages, such as core voltage, memory voltage, and I/O voltage. Read more ...