Amplifiers & Linear Tools

Design with confidence using these free tools for circuit simulation, design optimization and product selection. Follow the links to learn more and download the free tools or start using the web-based tools to solve amplifier and linear product design issues.



SPICE Simulation Programs
    SPICE Simulation Packages Supporting ADI SPICE Models
    SPICE Models and Circuits
    Spice Related Application Notes
    • MS-2207: A Recipe for Better System Block Design—Add SPICE (pdf)
    • AN-138: SPICE-Compatible Op Amp Macro-Models (pdf)
    • MT-099: Analog Circuit Simulation Introduction (pdf)

Web-Based Design Tools

  • Differential Amplifier Calculator ADI DiffAmpCalc

    Downloadable calculator for designing differential amplifier circuits.

    • Automate time-consuming complex and critical calculations
    • Built-in error detection
    • User-friendly interface
  • ADIsimOpAmp

    This tool will help with the selection, evaluation and troubleshooting of voltage feedback Op-Amps. It uses typical data to model the behavior of a selected amplifier. It allows a user to select an amplifier, configure a circuit, apply a signal and evaluate the performance. It is useful for checking an amplifier's spec's such as Bandwidth, Slew Rate, Input/Output Range, Gain Error, Load Current, Stability Issues and DC Errors in a given circuit.

  • NEW!   Analog Filter Wizard

    This new online tool simplifies filter design process with intuitive user-interface and easily accessible tutorials and help.

    • Design low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter with actual op amps.
    • View filter performance in real time.
    • Select op amps and passive components with user-specified performance optimization (manual adjustment is also available).
    • Display multiple views of filter performance with resistor and capacitor tolerances effect.
    • Save, share, get design files, or order evaluation board for the final results
  • NEW!   Photodiode Wizard

    This new online tool speeds up the process of selecting and designing the best circuit for your particular photodiode applications.

    • Simplified and clean UI with extended help/tutorial system
    • Immediate visual feedback
    • Intelligent op amp selection
      • Tool picks "best fit" op amp
      • User can also select from library of op amps grouped in "recommended", "not recommended", "not allowed" per input specifications
    • Graphical simulation results for op amp performance
      • Step Response, Frequency Response, Noise Gain, Stability
    • Visible SNR and ENOB noise performance when designing circuits
  • Analog Bridge Wizard

    Provides step-by-step guidance for product selection and design solution for analog and analog-to-digital bridge applications.

  • Op Amp Stability for Capacitive Loads

    Driving capacitive loads can be challenging for op amps. Stability, bandwidth, and settling time are all concerns when capacitive loads are involved. This tool helps prevent and remedy any potential issues that might arise when driving capacitive loads.

  • In-Amp Error Budget Calculator

    This calculator helps estimate error contributions in your instrumentation amplifier circuit.

  • VRMS/dbm/dBu/dBv Calculator

    A tool to convert between standard units of power measurement and signal strength.

  • Power Dissipation vs. Die Temperature Calculator

    A calculator for estimating junction temperature from power dissipation and packaging/heatsink characteristics.

  • Thermocouple Non-linearity Error Calculator

    Use this tool to calculate error due to thermocouple nonlinearity.

  • Voltage Reference Selection & Evaluation Wizard

    This tool uses step-by-step approach to help you find the best voltage reference for your application based on design parameters and estimate its output based on various error sources.

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