Data Conversion Knowledge Resource

Data Conversion and Sampled Data Systems
Learn about quantization, sampling theory, Nyquist criteria, undersampling and oversampling effects, and more.
ADC Architectures
Learn about successive approximation, sigma-delta, flash, folding, and more.
DAC Architectures
Learn about Interpolating, segmented, binary, string, and more.
Power Supplies
Learn about linear vs. switching supplies, power supply rejection ratio, power supply noise analysis, and more.
Voltage References
Learn about series vs. shunt references, bandgap architecture, absolute accuracy, temperature drift, noise, and more.
Filtering DACs
Learn about oversampling, anti-aliasing filters, interpolation techniques, and more.
ADC Noise Analysis and Filtering
Learn about noise figure, SNR, Sinad, ENOB, input filter design, and more.
Driving ADCs
Learn about differential vs. single-ended signaling, resonant interfacing, transformer coupling, and driver amplifiers.
Clocking ADCs
Learn about phase noise, time jitter, managing multiple clocking edges, clock termination, and more.
Grounding & PCB Layout
Learn about analog vs. digital ground, star point grounding techniques, ground impedance, low and high frequency decoupling, and more.
Design Tools
Learn about and access simulation tools for ADCs, DACs, clocks, and more.
Test & Evaluation Techniques
Learn about AC and DC specifications and test techniques, hardware test configurations, using FIFO evaluation kits, and more.
Learn about IF sampling in communications, motor control, PLC/DCS process control, and more.
Data I/O
Learn about LVDS drivers and receivers, JESD204 serial interface, controlled-impedance transmission line techniques, end and source termination, seamless FPGA connectivity resources, and more.
Learn about SPI and I2C control interface protocol, digital isolation, and more.
DAC Analog Outputs
Learn about buffering DAC outputs, output compliance range, current vs. voltage outputs, and more.
Clocking DACs
Learn about phase noise, time jitter, setup and hold measurements in CMOS DACs, clock termination, and more.
Selection Guides/Brochures
Selection guides for ADCs, ADC drivers, DACs, digital potentiometers, and more.
ADC Fundamentals
Learn about the transfer function, integral non-linearity, differential non-linearity, aperture uncertainty, frequency domain response, thoughput delay, and more.
DAC Fundamentals
Learn about the basic transfer function, integral linearity, differenital linearity, aliased images, glitch, sinX/X response, and more.