The Internet of Things - Making Wireless Sensors as Easy to Access as Web Servers


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Check out our new white paper on “Reliable, Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things.” Recent estimates say that there will be over 50 billion connected things in the world by the year 2020. A large percentage of those things will be connected via wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

With some effort a software engineer can integrate the data coming from today’s typical WSNs into their business software. But, what if the software effort to get sensor readings was as easy as addressing a website on the internet? That time has come.

The whitepaper talks about the latest developments in Internet Protocol WSN standards that will make wireless sensors as easy to access as web servers, layered on top of reliable, low-power wireless sensor networks, and how these time-synchronized, channel-hopping mesh networks have been enabling new applications.

Here is a direct link to the white paper:

And, here is a link to the Dust Networks product website:

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