LTspice: User Privacy Statement

As the Author and maintainer of LTspice IV, please let me assure you that LTspice does not nor has ever collected data about the user or any aspect of the user's design work.

From conception of the project to release and over all the years of supporting the program, myself and my management have been committed to not collecting any data from users. The only time LTspice uses your internet connection is to update itself and the models. There is no data of any type uploaded. The nature of the update is to first download the list of files(and their sizes and check sums) that should be in the release. LTspice then downloads what files have been changed and merges the update into your LTspice installation. Before it does that, it even asks if it is okay for it to use your internet connection to check if updates are available. It does not even check unless you give it permission.

Please contact if you have any further concerns or other questions regarding LTspice.

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Michael Engelhardt