Linduino Change Log 02/23/2018

We regularly update our Linduino Sketchbook with new products, new files and updates. Please download the library, or rerun your automated installers for an automatic update.

1.2.5. Feb 19, 2018

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC2508 (DC2222AB)
LTC2512 (DC2222AC)

Library Changes:
LTC2373: Code supports LTC2372 and LTC2374 as well.

1.2.1. June 1, 2017

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC6811 (DC2259)
LTC681x : LTC681x and bms_hardware library files to support LTC681x family.

Library Changes:
LTC68031: Bug fix for daisy chained Aux Measurement read back.
LTC68042: Bug fix for network PEC error check for AUX and STAT commands

1.2.0. March 31, 2017

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTM9100 (DC2423A)
LTC2492 (DC1009AA)

Demo Program Changes:
DC1496BB.ino (LTC2942): Added support for LTC2941
DC2094A (LTC2348): Added support for LTC2358, LTC2344
DC1096B (LTC2642): Added support for LTC2641 and to choose unipolar vs. bipolar

Library Changes:
LTM2893: Documentation fix
LTC2640: Documentation fix (The code does not support LTC2631)

1.1.9. February 17, 2017

Demo Program Changes:
DC590_enhanced code: Adding functionality to 'k' command to read specifically pin 12 (MISO) when the command argument is 'C'.

Library Changes:
LTM2893: Documentation fixes.

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
24xx_iso_spi in Example designs
LTC2944 (DC1812AB)
LTC2498 (DC1410AA)
LTC2449 (DC1410AB)
LTC5566 (DC2460A)

Other File Changes:
Doxygen Reference: Regrouped codes into newly defined groups.

1.1.8. January 26, 2017

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTM2893 (DC2405A)

1.1.7. December 12, 2016

Demo Program Changes:
Fixed bugs on LTC4282, LTC4215, LTC4260, LTC4280 due to mismatch in function definition and declaration for various functions w.r.t. argument types and return variables.

Library Changes:

Bug fixed in i2c_read_byte_data() and i2c_read_word_data(). The I2C bus was getting stuck in a constant loop with either master or slave holding the data line low after continuous reading for long hours. To explain the reason for this, consider the following scenario:

Suppose the slave ACKs on Address byte (write bit) and NACKs on Command byte. The ret variable in the code is set to 1. Since there is no checking for the ret value at this point, the function does not return and goes forward. When the master sends the Repeated Start, the slave sees it as a usual Start.
When the Address byte is sent again (read bit), the slave ACKs. But, since the ret variable is 1, the master tries to send a stop, while the slave tries to send over data. This causes the data line to be confused and the program to be stuck in a loop inside i2c_stop().

1.1.6. Oct 17, 2016

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC2947 (DC2334A)
DC2574A_KIT (LTC2947)

Library Changes:

LT_SMBUS Library:
Moved I2C and SMBus files to LT_SMBUS library
Fixed memory leak in LT_I2CBus.cpp
Exposed i2cbus object in SMBus classes
Added CRC block data calculation in LT_SMBus
Removed TWI and used standard TwoWire
Changed to LT_two.c so that it behaves cleanly when a master tries to communicate with a Linduino

LT_PMBUS Library:
Exposed smbus object in PMBus class
Added Not In Transaction polling as comment in LT_PMBus.cpp
Removed waitForAck on managers.
Added PMBus Temp1 Offset support

LTPSM_PartFaultLogs Library:
Removed block read code and used non block methods for fault logs
Fixed Polling on EEData Type Fault Logs.
Converted fault log readers for LTC3883 and LTC3887 to use MFR_DATA.

LTPSM_InFlightUpdate Library:
Changed In Flight Update memory management to statics
Removed In Flight Update dead code
Changed pointer size in nvm.cpp to avoid wrap around of data on large NVM datasets
Turned off debug printing in In Flight Update.

Demo Program Changes:
LTC2970 Sketches
Added LTC2970 support library.

Modified sketches to use new LTC2970 library.

DC1962C Sketches:
Updated some sketches to use static memory rather than allocate and free.
Added Retention sketch
Fixed datalogger bugs.

LTC3882 Sketches:
Fixed LTC3883 Address for DC1778A.

Sketches General:
Added Sandbox sketch under User Contributed/LTPowerPlay
Removed twi includes from some sketches.

1.1.5. Sep 23, 2016

New Libraries/Demo Programs:

1.1.4. Sep 2, 2016

Library Changes:
LTC3335 : Removed the use of low level I2C functions.
LTC3676 : Removed the use of low level I2C functions.
LTC2942 : Added code support for LTC2941.
LT_I2C : Bug fix in i2c_read_block_data() to immediately exit from the function upon NACK after the command byte portion of the transaction.
LTC2642: Removed unnecessary delay in SPI write function for the DAC.
LTC2943: Code support added for LTC2943-1 (DC1812AC). Code uploaded on the web pages, but LTSketchbook not released.

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC2413 (family of LTC2412)
DC2430 – in User Contributed

Demo Program Changes:
DC1096B (LTC2642) : Removed unnecessary delay in the SPI write function.

1.1.3. May 10, 2016

Library Changes:
LT3965 : Removed the use of low level I2C functions.
LTC2348 : Improved code and added support for LTC2358.
LTC3589 : Removed the use of low level I2C functions.

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC2664 (DC2376A)
LTC2636 (DC1466) – code supports LTC2634 (DC1488A) as well.
LTC2637 (DC1534A) – code supports LTC2635 (DC1593A) as well.

1.1.2. March 24, 2016

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC6951 (DC2248A)

1.1.1 Jan 29, 2016

Library Changes:
Removed inclusion of Wire.h in LT24XX_general library. Linduino.h covers up for Wire.h.
Linduino.h : Defined macros to differentiate Little Endian and Big Endian, Added a union to include array of two 16 bit words.
PMBUS Library: Added LT_PMBusDevice.cpp for better compile errors when porting.
PMBUS Library : Updated fault logging to use word transactions for some devices to reduce memory usage during programming.
PMBUS Library : Added virtual destructors to reduce warnings.
PMBUS Library : Removed C++11 variable initialization in device, rail, and group classes.
PMBUS Library : Various updates to code to eliminate compiler warnings in library files.
PMBUS Library : Update DC1962C program sketch with newer hex data from most recent LT Powerplay revision.

Demo Program Changes:
DC1684AA.ino (LTC2758) : Removed unnecessary characters.

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
LTC3335 (DC2343A)
LTC4155 (DC1674A)
LT3965 (DC2218A)
LTC4676 (DC1811B)

Other Changes:
Added LT_3887FaultLog class.

1.1.0 December 04, 2015

Library Changes:
Improvements to PSM polling code in LT_PMBus.cpp and LT_SMBusBase.cpp.
Reworked PSM device type code in LT_PMBus.cpp so that one routine decodes

Demo Program Changes:
DC1590B.ino (LTC3880) Doxygen documentation changes, update for API changes, added ClearFaults
DC1936A.ino (LTC3882) Doxygen documentation changes
DC1778A.ino (LTC3883) Doxygen documentation changes
DC1633B.ino (LTC2933) Doxygen documentation changes
DC1605B.ino (LTC2936) Doxygen documentation changes
DC2313A.ino (LTC2937) Doxygen documentation changes
DC1978.ino (LTC2974) Doxygen documentation changes
DC2382.ino (LTC2975) Doxygen documentation changes
DC1989A.ino (LTM4676) Changed rail definition to use auto detection

New Libraries/Demo Programs:
DC2289A.ino LTC2380-24
DC2364A.ino LTC2873
DC1496BB.ino LTC2942
DC2217A.ino LTC4316

New Fault Log sketches and example sketches to cover the following PSM devices:
DC2022A.ino LTC2975
DC2028A.ino LTC2977
DC2198A.ino LTC2980
DC2023A.ino LTM2987
DC2263A.ino LTC3887

Other Changes:
User Contributed - DC1962C sketches: Added support for identification and programming of PSM devices and rails.

What Is Linduino?

What Is Linduino?

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