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Будьте в курсе последних событий и используйте новейшую информацию и идеи, представленные в Signals+, для таких областей, как системы связи, цифровое здравоохранение, системы электрификации и интеллектуальная промышленность

Вы можете изменить настройки конфиденциальности в любое время, нажав на ссылку отказа от подписки в электронных письмах, отправленных Analog Devices, или в настройках конфиденциальности сайта Analog Devices.

Настройки конфиденциальности Положение о конфиденциальности и безопасности Авторизованные партнеры

Спасибо, что подписались на ADI Signals+. Электронное письмо с подтверждением было отправлено на ваш почтовый ящик.

Вскоре вы будете получать своевременные обновления обо всех инновационных технологиях, меняющих к лучшему жизнь людей во всем мире.




CES 2021 may be over, but you can still get in on all the buzz-worthy consumer tech action with Analog Devices' Digital Experience. Discover how ADI's advanced technologies and system-level solutions can help you design the future in consumer electronics.

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Vincent  Roche

Engineering the Bridge to Human Breakthroughs

Vincent Roche
President & CEO

Join Vincent Roche, President and CEO of Analog Devices as he outlines the mega trends that will shape the future. Learn how ADI technologies bridge the physical and cyber worlds to transform megatrend signals into breakthroughs that will make customer solutions’ more accurate, efficient and intelligent and enable a more connected, greener and healthier future.

Greg Henderson

Building a More Sustainable Future for Communications and Automotive

Greg Henderson
Sr VP, Automotive, Communications & Aerospace & Defense Group

Sustainability has moved beyond a buzzword and is now table stakes for any organization serious about bringing technology to life in the future. The auto industry has probably seen the biggest shift as more and more we see the shift from combustion engines to electric vehicles. As we continue to rely on work from home technologies and obey travel bans, the communications networks and data centers we rely on every day are being pushed to max capacity. Organizations in these industries no longer need to prioritize sustainability for performance.

Martin Cotter

The Power of Ecosystems to Stay Resilient in a Changing World

Martin Cotter
Sr VP, Worldwide Sales & Digital Marketing

Today’s business landscape is facing unprecedented change and disruption that we have never seen before. While there is still a long road to recovery for the normal day to day of operations to resume, organizations globally are expanding their horizons by welcoming unexpected partnerships and finding unique ways to succeed. This talk will highlight the importance of ecosystems as we continue to battle global market uncertainty.

Chris Jacobs

‘Powering’ a More Sustainable Future

Chris Jacobs
VP, Power Marketing & Business Development

Today, power systems are typically addressed toward the end of a design, however, power management plays a substantial role in limiting energy consumption from the grid and reducing the global carbon footprint. With greater reliance on electrical power in applications such as data center, electric vehicles and factories of the future – power is climbing to the forefront of conversations – to enable safe, carbon neutral ways of powering next generation technologies.


CES Event Demos

Driving the Change
Take a look under the hood of the car of tomorrow, and see firsthand how Analog Devices' technology is transforming the driving experience, making it safer, smarter and more sustainable. ADI breakthroughs are powering everything from longer-range, more efficient EVs, to sophisticated in-cabin technology that transforms driving into an immersive entertainment experience.

Personalized Delivery
Analog Devices' autonomous solutions are helping entire supply-chains become more responsive, efficient, safe and sustainable. Follow along with the journey of a customer's produce order, all the way from the driverless tractors that harvest it to the automated drones that deliver it to front doors around the country, and discover what the future has in store for automation.

Intelligent Home of Tomorrow
As the world spends more time inside than ever, ADI technology is transforming our homes into places of immersion, efficiency and healthcare. Emergent technologies are repurposing our rooms and enhancing the devices within them to improve our way of living. Take a room-by-room tour of the intelligent home to see how ADI's sensory and interface solutions are transforming the user experiences for the technology that surround us every day.

Try on the Future
Try the ADI Stitch Garment on for size in an in-depth exploration about what becomes possible when we learn to listen to the data our bodies give us. ADI technology is taking on the toughest sensor, algorithm and power challenges, helping to develop new products that can open up completely new market opportunities. All while being machine washable and effortlessly powered.

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