ВЧ/СВЧ компоненты

Analog Devices предлагает широкий выбор РЧ ИМС для всех этапов обработки сигнала на частотах от нуля до более 100 ГГц. Линейка РЧ ИМС компании Analog Devices, насчитывающая более 1000 высококачественных продуктов, включает в себя разнообразные функциональные блоки, а также решения с высокой степенью интеграции для систем связи, контрольно-измерительной техники, авиационно-космической и оборонной отраслей. Они сопровождаются полным спектром ресурсов проектирования, упрощающих разработку радиосистем, включая бесплатные инструменты проектирования, платформы быстрого макетирования в формате FMC, примеры типовых схемотехнических решений Circuits from the Lab™ и технические форумы EngineerZone®.

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2018 RF & Microwave Selection Guide
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Covering the Signal Chain

From devices and designs to markets and applications, RF technology is a big part of the discussion but not the only part…. We are the only supplier in the industry to cover the full signal chain from antenna to power. Read more on how we help you design and create the full signal chain integrated solution.

Power by Linear, the world's source for power management

Products, solutions, design support. If it relates to power, you’ll find what you need here.


High Speed Converters: Innovations on 28nm CMOS

Are you designing for GHz bandwidth applications? A new line of RF converters can deliver the performance you need for 4G/5G multiband wireless communications base stations, multi-standard production test systems, and defense electronics.


Electronic Test and Measurement

If your focus is on electronic test and measurement, we have product information, webcasts, videos, and more helpful information in our ETM application section.

RF Design Tools



ADIsimRF is an easy-to-use RF Signal Chain Simulator that calculates Cascaded Noise, Distortion and Power Consumption for signal chains with up to 50 stages. Signal chains can be easily built up using device models for hundreds of ADI’s RF and Mixed Signal components. Signal Chain Performance can be swept and plotted against Gain, Frequency and the RF Power level.



The ADIsimPLL design tool is a comprehensive and easy-to-use PLL synthesizer design and simulation tool which includes loop filter designs. All key non-linear effects that can impact PLL performance can be simulated, including phase noise, lock time, and sweep generation. The ADIsimPLL part library is constantly growing with the additions of HMC and newly released parts.