Internal Power Switch Buck-Boost Regulators

Analog Devices' monolithic buck/boost synchronous dc-to-dc converters offer high current delivery and operation with a wide range of power sources, including single or multiple cell batteries, supercapacitor stacks and wall adapters. A proprietary 4-switch PWM buck-boost topology provides low noise, jitter-free switching through all operating modes, making them ideal for RF and precision analog applications that are sensitive to power supply noise. With their unique internal four MOSFET switch combination, they can seamlessly transition from step-down mode, through 100% dropout operation, and then to step-up mode to allow a fixed output voltage even when the input voltage fluctuates above or below the output. Some devices may be paralleled for higher power delivery, or include automatic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for solar battery charging and MPPT control functions.
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