Blackfin Processor Roadmap

Analog Devices long-term commitment to the Blackfin Processor means each subsequent generation of Blackfin-based designs will benefit from increases in speed, power efficiency, and cost reductions across a broad range for single and dual core processors. The Blackfin processor family includes devices that target a wide range of applications in the consumer, automotive, industrial, instrumentation, and communications markets. To address these markets, the Blackfin processor family offers scalable performance from the 200Mhz ADSP-BF535 to the Dual Core 600 Mhz ADSP-BF561. Blackfin products also offer very low power consumption with products using as low as .23mW/Mhz. Future devices will further extend ADI's leadership for performance and power efficiency while maintaining code compatibility, providing the widest array of processor options for the most demanding converged processing challenges.

Blackfin Roadmap