Особенности и преимущества

  • JESD204B (Subclass 1) coded serial digital outputs
  • 1.5 W total power per channel at 1 GSPS (default settings)
  • SFDR
    • 79 dBFS at 340 MHz (1 GSPS)
    • 85 dBFS at 340 MHz (500 MSPS)
  • SNR
    • 63.4 dBFS at 340 MHz (AIN = −1.0 dBFS, 1 GSPS)
    • 65.6 dBFS at 340 MHz (AIN = −1.0 dBFS, 500 MSPS)
  • ENOB = 10.4 bits at 10 MHz (1 GSPS)
  • DNL = ±0.16 LSB; INL = ±0.35 LSB (1 GSPS)
  • Noise density
    • −151 dBFS/Hz (1 GSPS)
    • −150 dBFS/Hz (500 MSPS)
  • 1.25 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V dc supply operation
  • Low swing full-scale input
    • 1.34 V p-p typical (1 GSPS)
    • 1.63 V p-p typical (500 MSPS)
  • No missing codes
  • Internal ADC voltage reference
  • Flexible termination impedance
    • 400 Ω, 200 Ω, 100 Ω, and 50 Ω differential
  • 2 GHz usable analog input full power bandwidth
  • 95 dB channel isolation/crosstalk
  • Amplitude detect bits for efficient AGC implementation
  • Differential clock input
  • Optional decimate by 2 DDC per channel
  • Differential clock input
  • Integer clock divide by 1, 2, 4, or 8
  • Flexible JESD204B lane configurations
  • Small signal dither

Подробнее о продукте

The AD9234 is a dual, 12-bit, 1 GSPS/500 MSPS ADC. The device has an on-chip buffer and sample-and-hold circuit designed for low power, small size, and ease of use. This product is designed for sampling wide bandwidth analog signals. The AD9234 is optimized for wide input bandwidth, high sampling rate, excellent linearity, and low power in a small package.

The dual ADC cores feature a multistage, differential pipelined architecture with integrated output error correction logic. Each ADC features wide bandwidth buffered inputs supporting a variety of user-selectable input ranges. An integrated voltage reference eases design considerations. Each ADC data output is internally connected to an optional decimate-by-2 block. The AD9234 has several functions that simplify the automatic gain control (AGC) function in a communications receiver. 

The programmable threshold detector allows monitoring of the incoming signal power using the fast detect output bits of the ADC. If the input signal level exceeds the programmable threshold, the fast detect indicator goes high. Because this threshold indicator has low latency, the user can quickly turn down the system gain to avoid an overrange condition at the ADC input. In addition to the fast detect outputs, the AD9234 also offers signal monitoring capability. The signal monitoring block provides additional information about the signal being digitized by the ADC.

Users can configure the Subclass 1 JESD204B-based high speed serialized output in a variety of one-, two-, or four-lane configurations, depending on the acceptable lane rate of the receiving logic device and the sampling rate of the ADC. Multiple device synchronization is supported through the SYSREF± and SYNCINB± input pins.

The AD9234 has flexible power-down options that allow significant power savings when desired. All of these features can be programmed using a 1.8 V to 3.3 V capable 3-wire SPI.

The AD9234 is available in a Pb-free, 64-lead LFCSP and is specified over the −40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range. This product is protected by a U.S. patent.

Product Highlights

  1. Low power consumption analog core, 12-bit, 1.0 GSPS dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 1.5 W per channel.
  2. Wide full power bandwidth supports IF sampling of signals up to 2 GHz.
  3. Buffered inputs with programmable input termination eases filter design and implementation.
  4. Flexible serial port interface (SPI) controls various product features and functions to meet specific system requirements.
  5. Programmable fast overrange detection.
  6. 9 mm × 9 mm 64-lead LFCSP.
  7. Pin compatible with the AD9680 14-bit, 1 GSPS dual ADC.


  • Communications
  • Diversity multiband, multimode digital receivers
  • Point-to-point radio systems
  • Digital predistortion observation path
  • General-purpose software radios
  • Ultrawideband satellite receiver
  • Instrumentation (spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, integrated RF test solutions)
  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • High speed data acquisition systems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS upstream receive paths
  • HFC digital reverse path receivers

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Данный продукт выпущен на рынок. Техническое описание содержит окончательные характеристики и рабочие параметры продукта. Для новых разработок ADI рекомендует применение данных продуктов.

Оценочные комплекты (1)

ПО и системные требования

ПО оценивания

Фреймворк интерфейса JESD204

Интегрированный программный фреймворк интерфейса JESD204 для быстрой разработки и оптимизации на системном уровне

Инструменты и симуляторы

Virtual Eval - BETA

Virtual Eval – это веб-приложение, помогающее разработчикам в оценивании АЦП и ЦАП. Используя подробные модели с серверов Analog Devices, Virtual Eval моделирует основные характеристики качества преобразования за считанные секунды. Приложение позволяет задавать рабочие условия, например, параметры входных тональных сигналов и дрожания фазы, а также конфигурировать параметры компонентов, например, коэффициент усиления или настройки цифрового преобразователя с понижением частоты. Перечень отображаемых характеристик включает в себя уровни шума и искажений, разрешение, графики БПФ, временные диаграммы, графики частотных характеристик и многие другие.


Модели IBIS

Инструменты проектирования

Companion Transport Layer RTL Code Generator Tool (Rev. 1.0)

This command line executable tool generates a Verilog module which implements the JESD204 receive transport layer. The user specifies in a configuration file one or more modes to be supported by the transport layer module. These modes are defined as a set of JESD204 parameter values: L, M, F, S, N', and CF. The transport layer converts JESD204 lane data output from a JESD204 link layer IP to a data bus with a fixed width, containing interleaved virtual converter samples. Both JESD204B and JESD204C link layers are supported.

JESD204x Frame Mapping Table Generator

The JESD204x Frame Mapping Table Generator tool consists of two Windows executables that will allow the user to input any valid combination of JESD204x parameters (L, M, F, S, NP) in order to output a .csv file that illustrates the frame mapping of the JESD204x mode in table format. There is an executable that allows the user to input a single JESD204x mode and another, that allows the user to input the parameters for multiple JESD204x modes in a specified .csv format in order to output a .csv file that illustrates the frame mapping of each of the JESD204x modes that were input into separate tables.

Сопутствующие компоненты

AD9234 Сопутствующие компоненты

Рекомендуемые Power Products

  • For high performance, step-down switching regulators requiring high efficiency and design flexibility: ADP2164, ADP2384.
  • For a low dropout linear regulator,with adjustable output voltage settings: ADP1741.

Рекомендуемые дифференциальные усилители-драйверы

  • For a low output noise, RF differential amplifier for driving heavy loads: ADA4961.
  • For ultrahigh dynamic range, low distortion and low noise: ADL5565.

Рекомендуемые Clock Distribution Device

Рекомендуемые Clock Generation Device

Ресурсы проектирования

Компания Analog Devices всегда уделяла повышенное внимание обеспечению максимальных уровней качества и надежности предлагаемых продуктов. Для этого мы внедряем контроль качества и надежности на каждом этапе проектирования технологических процессов и продуктов, а также на этапе производства. Нашим принципом является обеспечение "полного отсутствия дефектов" поставляемых компонентов.

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