Особенности и преимущества

  • Complete 14-Bit l/O System, Comprising
    14-Bit ADC with Track/Hold Amplifier 83 kHz Throughput Rate
    14-Bit DAC with Output Amplifier 3.5 ms Settling Time
    On-Chip Voltage Reference
  • Operates from ±5 V Supplies
  • Low Power—130 mW typ
  • Small 0.3" Wide DIP

Подробнее о продукте

The AD7869 is a complete 14-bit I/O system containing a DAC and an ADC. The ADC is a successive approximation type with a track-and-hold amplifier, having a combined throughput rate of 83 kHz. The DAC has an output buffer amplifier with a settling time of 4 µs to 14 bits. Temperature compensated 3 V buried Zener references provide precision references for the DAC and ADC.

Interfacing to both the DAC and ADC is serial, minimizing pin count and giving a small 24-pin package size. Standard control signals allow serial interfacing to most DSP machines. Asynchronous ADC conversion control and DAC updating is made possible with the CONVST and LDAC logic inputs.

The AD7869 operates from ±5 V power supplies; the analog input/ output range of the ADC/DAC is ±3 V. The part is fully specified for dynamic parameters such as signal-to-noise ratio and harmonic distortion as well as traditional dc specifications.

The part is available in a 24-pin, 0.3 inch wide, plastic or hermetic dual-in-line package (DIP) and in a 28-pin, plastic SOIC package.

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