Sensors Expo 2019 LogoSensors Expo 2019 was truly an amazing show featuring the industry’s latest innovations in sensor technology. ADI featured its system and technology expertise with demos for MEMS, Radar, LIDAR and power, among many others. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the ADI booth, but in case you missed the show or want another look, we’ve captured the demos on video below.

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60 GHz FMCW Radar Systems for Industrial Applications

Learn about our next-generation of 24/60/77 GHz radar systems for absolute positioning, environment perception and high-resolution imaging applications in action. The sensor systems within this video showcase our broad system, design, and algorithm expertise for innovative and high-performance RADAR applications in challenging surroundings like industry 4.0, autonomous vehicle, smart agriculture or smart city.

Wireless Water Quality Measurement with ADuCM355 and SmartMesh

See how the universal sensor interface capability of the ADuCM355 and the wire-like reliability of Analog Devices’ Smart Mesh IP technology combine to form a robust and low power wireless water quality monitoring system. This solution has the robustness and performance needed for beverage production, pharmaceutical plants, and waste water treatment plants, which rely on robust water quality monitoring systems to measure key water quality parameters such as the pH, conductivity, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Gesture Controlled Wireless Electronic Shelf Label

Watch how to efficiently update ESL data through a low power wireless system by integrating ADI's optical sensors to enable Gesture control and Inventory management. Users have the ability to change the ESL image using Gesture and have the option to download the image on multiple nodes. This process will allow more efficiency for inventory management in both industrial and retail markets.

Microvolt Level Strain Gauge Measurement at a Great Distance!

See how our precision, low drift, low noise instrumentation amplifier (IA) and voltage references can be used to amplify and measure the miniscule signal from a strain gauge placed at a large distance (80’ or more) from the amplifier using low cost Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) as the interconnect.

iCOMOX Condition Based Monitoring

Watch and learn how you can extend the life time of your equipment, reduce unplanned downtime, cut maintenance costs and unlock potential energy savings. Our iCOMOX Condition Based Monitoring demonstration monitors operating conditions from the surface of the equipment to identify potential faults and reduce risks associated with equipment operation and maintenance.

LIDAR Prototyping Platform

Learn how to solve performance, SNR, and power consumption issues for the automotive and industrial LIDAR perception markets using our low power lidar signal chain with high ADI component content.

EmStat Pico: Embeddable Electrochemical Measurement Module

Experience the EmStat Pico, a fully hardware and software embeddable module level solution for electrochemical sensor interface. The system is designed as a plug-n-play solution to enable customers without electronics expertise to do electrochemical measurement in minutes. This video shows how the EmStat Pico can be easily used to perform an Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurement using a common screen-printed electrode (SPE).

Precision Temperature Measurement Made Easy

Learn about our complete high precision temperature measurement system that can be used for applications requiring fine accuracy across wide operating conditions. This process is ideal for those developing temperature sensing systems as well as solutions measuring other variables that are dependent on temperature information, such as gas sensing.

ADI iSensor IMU Wireless Evaluation Platform

View our iSensor IMU Wireless Evaluation Platform video that showcases our high performance IMU solutions, as well as a web-based wireless evaluation platform that a smartphone can wirelessly connect to.

3D Time of Flight Development Platform

See how our 3D Time of Flight (ToF) Platform creates a depth mapping of objects within the field of view and is a key solution used for developing digital vision for many applications. The development platform comes with everything a user needs to start working immediately on 3DToF applications, enabling the development of high value features and functions that create product differentiation.

ADPD4000 Colorimeter & Water Quality

Our colorimeter and water quality demo showcase how the ADPD4000 can be used to in a high quality, portable instrument. The ADPD4000 features a high level of ambient light rejection, easing the constraints around optical shielding and physical placement of the component. The device also features 8 LED drivers and 8 photodiode inputs and can store up to 12 different measurement types on chip, significantly reducing the size and complexity of a typical measurement chain.

MeasureWare: Interpret Your World

Our new approach to scale measurement enables customers to interpret their world in their own way in minutes. The MeasureWare experience showcases the technology being used in a real work bee hives, with both a live data stream and a physical hive with connected sensors. This process targets condition monitoring and asset health measurement for IOT, Industrial application including precision agriculture, high value asset tracking, utility monitoring etc. This process provides FAST access to measurement that can scale from an idea to the production grade solution via development kits and a development environment.

Industrial Sensing: Self-Powered Sensor Node

Experience our condition-based monitoring (CbM) sensor node powered entirely by ADI's thermoelectric energy harvester (TEG). Autonomy is critical for applications in which machine health monitoring cannot be hardwired or battery-powered, from an otherwise wasted heat source. ADI's TEG-powered CbM node provides a maintenance-free, lower operational cost solution. The CbM sensor node includes ADI's MEMS technology: the ADXL355, ADXL362 and ADXL1002, as well as the ADuCM4050ARM Cortex0M4F processor and ADP5092 power management chip.

Wide Bandwidth MEMS Accelerometers Enabling Condition-Based Monitoring

Learn about our brand-new ADcmXL3021 3-axis module, based on the wide bandwidth industry leading ADXL100x family. The module simplifies sensor attachment and signal chain integration for our customers. The ADcmXL3021 comes with built in analysis functionality as well as a robust evaluation and data capture platform for development.