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As a leading technology company with decades of expertise behind it, Analog Devices has an ambitious mission to engineer a sustainable future. By leveraging not only our knowledge base but also our outstanding and market-leading engineering solutions, we believe that we can make a real difference to our environment and society. In fact, we are passionately driven to contribute to a better tomorrow by offering technology solutions and products that generate true value for current and future generations.

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Stefan Steyerl

Stefan Steyerl, Senior Sales Director, Central Europe

Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC) Keynote

From Sensing to Action

From Sensing to Action
Reliable wearable and remote patient monitoring systems depend on precision measurements. This session will explore trends in sensing and measurement technologies that enable and empower remote patient monitoring systems of the future.

Joseph Barry

Joseph Barry, Vice President, Wireless Communications

Wireless Congress Keynote

Making Factories Wireless with 5G Radios

Making Factories Wireless with 5G Radios
Even as the global rollout of 5G begins, network infrastructure in industrial and factory settings is predominantly wired. Learn how advancements in radio technology will ultimately enable the transition to wireless in the industrial setting.

Brendan O’Dowd

Brendan O’Dowd, General Manager, Industrial Automation

electronica Embedded Platforms Conference Keynote

How Companies Today are Maximizing Productivity While Minimizing Environmental Impact

How Companies Today are Maximizing Productivity While Minimizing Environmental Impact
Innovative problem solving and technology design help make significant gains in productivity, flexibility, and efficiency. Learn how applications in a range of industries are maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Eric Carty

Eric Carty, Applications Manager, Switches and Multiplexers Group, Precision Technologies and Platforms (PTP)

electronica Wireless Congress

RF MEMS Switch Technology Driving 5G Solutions

RF MEMS Switch Technology Driving 5G Solutions
MEMS switch technology is an ideal relay replacement solution for Precision, Digital and RF applications. This session discusses new MEMS switch technology that is targeting wide bandwidth 5G test equipment switching needs.

Kristóf Féja

Kristóf Féja, Arrow Electronics, Market Development Engineer

electronica Cyber Security Forum

iCOMOX™ – An Arrow and Shiratech Condition-Based-Monitoring Solution

iCOMOX™ – An Arrow and Shiratech Condition-Based-Monitoring Solution

You will get an introduction to the iCOMOX™, that is an Intelligent Condition Monitoring Box. It is capable of measuring vibration, magnetic field, sound and temperature of an asset with on-edge analysis, providing various connectivity options.

Tom Weingartner

Tom Weingartner, Director of Marketing, Deterministic Ethernet Technology

electronica Embedded Platforms Conference

The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks

The Future of TSN in Industrial Networks
The drive towards Industry 4.0 has pushed all industries to come together in an unprecedented level of cooperation to define an “industrial profile” for their market vertical. We take a look at how TSN supports this future for all profiles.

Richard Anslow

Richard Anslow, Product Applications Engineer

electronica Embedded Platforms Conference

MEMS Based Wired Condition Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

MEMS Based Wired Condition Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

Tiny MEMS sensors and wired comms are used for vibration monitoring/real time control. An evaluation platform is presented which addresses power, data synchronisation, and simulation challenges when porting digital out MEMS over long distance.

Michael Hennessy

Michael Hennessy, Product Marketing Engineer Precision Technology Platforms

electronica Embedded Platforms Conference

Next Wave of Precision Conversion Solutions Post-Moore’s Law

Next Wave of Precision Conversion Solutions Post-Moore’s Law

More-Than-Moore is the next technological wave within the Electronics Industry. Learn how ADI is leveraging this wave to advance key technology vectors such as increased density, functionality, and longer Mean-Time-To-Failure.

Explore our Mobility Solutions

Intelligent In-Cabin Sensing and Innovative UX

In-cabin safety features and revolutionary infotainment systems are key for OEMs. This demo shows sensor fusion of multiple ADI technologies to realize Driver Monitoring and Authentication, Vital Signs Monitoring and Engine Sound Synthesis.

ADI E-Mobility Solutions to Accelerate EV Adoption

ADI´s Battery Management & Powertrain solutions help EV makers achieve longer ranges, reduce system costs and meet the highest level of automotive safety; through greater accuracy, responsiveness, and system level innovation.

Multichannel Automotive LiDAR TIA for High Channel Count LiDAR Systems

This demo will discuss various features of the LTC6563, a scalable quad channel TIA, including timing and power saving challenges in high channel count systems. More details can be found on the LTC6563 product overview page.

Explore our Instrumentation and Comms Solutions

Optical Liquid Analysis in a Flash with ADPD4101

Environmental sustainability requires faster deployments of intelligent liquid sensors. The ADPD4101 sensor front-end meets the performance, size, and robustness requirements, while the CN0503 reference platform provides ease-of-design.

MEMS Switch Technology from DC to mmW for ATE and Instrumentation

Discover how ADI’s MEMS switch technology can perform  precision DC to mmWave measurements. MEMS switch technology is an ideal candidate for relay replacement in ATE and instrumentation applications. To learn more, visit analog.com/MEMSSwitch

Explore our Healthcare and Consumer Solutions

Portable Nitrate Detection Solution Using the EMSTAT PICO

This demo shows how a portable detection device using the EmStat Pico can accurately monitor nitrate pollution levels in vulnerable bodies of water. To learn more the EmStat Pico solution, see: www.analog.com/aducm355 and www.emstatpico.com

Vital Signs Monitoring Study Watch

ADI’s innovative Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM) Study Watch provides developers an entry point into the VSM hardware space with an open platform for robust biomedical evaluation. Please visit analog.com/healthcare for more information.

Explore our Power and Isolation Solutions

LT Power Tools: Design, Analyze and Validate Your Power Solutions from Anywhere

ADI’s suite of design tools can help customers achieve their power supply performance goals, while giving engineers the platform to optimize boards from the start. This demo will highlight a typical example of ADI’s power portfolio.

Compact and Quiet: A Tiny Electrification Solution

The introduction of isolation into a design adds complexity in meeting regulatory compliance. Analog Devices’ next generation isoPower family of solutions is a way to overcome this challenge. A tiny solution that makes a big impact.

Explore our Building Automation and Industrial Solutions

Building Automation Solutions for an Intelligent Sustainable Building

Intelligent buildings need to merge insights from numerous sensors and actuate in real time. Together with many other ADI building automation technologies, the ADI EagleEye™ people-counting solution enables space and people management.

Cobot with Time of Flight and LiDAR

Smart factories of the future need a robotic workforce that can comprehend their environment and interact safely with their human colleagues.

This demo will highlight how ADI's ToF technology can be deployed to enhance these robotic applications.

ADI Chronous™ Security Protecting Network Assets at the Edge

Hackers attack where valuable assets are vulnerable. As outward facing security features mature, attacks within your network become more enticing. See how ADI Chronous Security protects against attacks within your industrial network.

Smoke Detector Reference Design Solution Meets New UL 217 Specifications

CN0537 smoke detector reference design, leverages our ADPD188BI sensor and smoke chamber, integrates hardware, software, data, and algorithm into a solution that has been tested and verified to pass the smoke and fire test outlined in UL 217.

CbM Centric Precision DAQ Signal Chain Reference Design and Wired Cbm Solution Collection

ADI is a leading component and solution provider for Industrial CbM. This demo showcases a range of CbM-focused sensing and data acquisition signal chain reference designs that support multiple sensing modalities and sensor types

ADFS5758: Simplifying the Route to TüV Certification of Your System

The ADFS5758 is the industry's first TÜV-certified current output DAC for Functional Safety systems. It simplifies the route to system certification by removing guess work and avoiding conservative estimates of FIT rates and FMEDAs.

High Performance DC and AC Contactless Current Sensing

ADI’s ADAF1080 AMR is a solution for contactless current sensing in the grid, solar, wind and EV battery applications.  With ADI’s AMR process, signal chain & systems expertise, the limitations of existing current sensing systems can be overcome.

ADIN1100: Ultra Low Power Single Pair Ethernet PHY for Field Sensor Connectivity

Unlock dorment sensors in Process and Building facilities, by enabling seamless edge to cloud connectivity. Learn how the ADIN1100 can enable you to access new insights into process variables, assets health or environmental conditions.

Partner Solutions at electronica virtual

ArrowAnalog Devices and Arrow have been working together for many years driving innovation forward.

Join us at electronica and see our latest solutions that ease our customers’ journey in their transition to Industry 4.0.

We will be showcasing our HW & SW solutions for Condition-based Monitoring, Machine Vision, Intelligent Smoke Sensing and more.

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