CES LogoCES is the global stage for innovation, and we had a lot to show. Our technologies are bringing autonomous driving closer to reality, enabling advances in healthcare, and making more immersive user experiences in home entertainment. Here’s what our experts demonstrated and where we see our industry going.

ADI’s own Martin Cotter, SVP of Sales and Digital Marketing, talks with David Finch of EE Times about CES, the proliferation of data-centric applications, and the sensing technologies enabling that data to fuel innovation across markets.

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3D Selfie: Interference Cancellation Demonstration Using Multiple Time-of-Flight Systems

Experience a demonstration of multiple TOF systems operating in the same environment and how our algorithm enables each camera to operate without interfering with one another. Learn how this innovation can be used for AR, multi-player gaming, or any other application that requires multiple TOF cameras operating in the same environment.

Dolby® Audio for Wireless Speakers

Experience a demonstration of Dolby® Audio for Wireless Speakers implemented on ADSP-21489 and to learn how this decoder-free endpoint solution can improve the performance of household wireless speakers. Key features include scalability from mono to octal channels and dynamic source content recognition, creating a natural sounding expansion of both horizontal and vertical soundstage.

ADI Time of Flight Camera

Try out new apps on a newly released smartphone that leverages ADI’s high performance TOF technology. These apps will showcase the advantage of ADI’s high resolution depth mapping over existing 3D technology, enabling consumers to more accurately map themselves and their environment for a better user experience.

Immersive Home Theater Development Platform

Hear a demonstration of a Dolby® Atmos Soundbar using the ADSP-2156X. Discover how it delivers a highly immersive sound experience and is configurable from 2.1 to 7.1.4 channels to bring in height virtualization even when up-firing speakers are not in the configuration.

Linearization/Speaker Management with ADI Class D Amplifiers

Discover a full turn-key speaker enhancement solution incorporating a mid-power Class D amplifier with I/V sensing (SSM3525) along with an audio processor to take full advantage of high performance current and voltage monitoring. We’ll demonstrate how a low-performance speaker can perform to the level of a much more costly speaker.

Lower Power, High Quality CODEC with Audio DSPs

Experience how the ADAU1787 low-power codec with a programmable Fast DSP engine can be used to build high-quality, low-power headphones with advanced features, including active noise cancellation.

Preview Our Healthcare Demos

Vital Sign Monitoring Solution Showcase

See how our VSM watch and multiple sensor platforms provide solutions for complex vital sign recording along with an algorithm for a wide range of bio-medical solutions benefiting wellness management and in-home care markets.

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Silent Switchers Technology Reduces EMI, Improves Efficiency and Shrinks Solution Size

Discover how ADI's Silent Switcher technology can dramatically reduce both radiated and conducted EMI emissions. Learn how Silent Switcher technology makes it much easier for end equipment to pass EMI emission regulations.

High-Voltage Battery Stack Management

Learn how we combine precision cell measurements and temperature measurements with synchronous stack voltage and current measurements on an isoSPI bus. This system accurately measures a 36-cell battery stack, using Analog Devices battery stack monitor ICs and a precision EV/HEV Coloumb counter.

Drive360 Automotive RADAR by Astyx

See how ADI partner Astyx’s Drive360 Automotive RADAR implementation shows what an automotive RADAR is "seeing" in real time, demonstrating the scalability and resolution of our CMOS RADAR MMIC.

Innovations in Audio & Video Connectivity Enable Autonomous Driving Systems

Driverless cars are swiftly transitioning from science fiction to reality. Experience how our A2B and C2B technologies play crucial roles in emerging autonomous driving systems by efficiently connecting multiple sensors and ECUs that provide early warning signals from police, fire and other emergency vehicles.

Autonomous Transportation and Monitoring Enabled by Precision MEMS

Discover how our angular rate and linear acceleration MEMS cores, combined with precision calibration, sensor filtering, and fusion, can achieve low-positional drift in navigation applications where a carefully balanced combination of low noise, tight alignment, vibration immunity, and wide bandwidth provide a low total error.

Driver Monitoring and Advanced HMI. Intelligent in-cabin Sensor Fusion

See how combining in-cabin technologies can be used to monitor and analyze driver fatigue—a significant factor in fatal and serious accidents. Targeted applications include Safety (DMS: Vital Sign Monitoring, Hands On/Off Detect), Occupant Sensing, Innovative User Experience, and Dynamic Personalization.

Steer by Wire Advanced Sensor Technology

Experience an innovative sensor solution for measuring Electrical Power Steering Angle and Torque. Learn how this solution can be directly integrated into the steering column and how it eliminates the need for separate sensor module assembly and calibration.

Preview Our Industrial IoT Solutions Demos

Complete Edge-Based Image-Sensing Solution with Eagle Eye 2

See how ADI image-sensing technology can be used to detect and monitor the presence of people in office and retail environments. Learn about applications such as efficiently controlling lighting, HVAC, power consumption, and space allocation, as well as providing sensor-generated customer behavior data to enhance sales in a retail environment.

Preview Demo’s Featuring ADI Technologies at Arrow Electronics Booth (Eureka Park 51033)

Smoke Detection Demonstration Featuring AnalogMax

The AnalogMAX is a full featured sensor board with the brand-new Smoke Detector ADPD188BI from Analog Devices, based on the MAX1000 with Intel FPGA. The ADPD188BI is a complete photometric system for smoke detection utilizing optical dual wavelength technology.

3D Time of Flight Development Platform Demonstration

This platform will demonstrate a 3D Time of Flight development platform. 3D Time of Flight (ToF) is a technology solution enabling depth mapping for a wide range of markets including consumer, industrial, and automotive. This module will provide a platform for use in 3D software and algorithm development for either edge or cloud compute. The platform will include various components from ADI offering superior performance in a compact package for the application.