Университетская программа компании Analog Devices в Индии

Anveshan 2014

Anveshan 2014 is to design an innovative technological solution to address growing system level challenges faced by the world. Your task is to come up with a system level solution preferably from one of the below specified themes. The most innovative proposals will be selected and the teams will have to build prototypes using at least 3 ICs from Analog Devices. 

Analog Devices support: 

Analog Devices will fund selected project development and travel cost up to a maximum of Rs.50,000 per team. Analog Devices will also support the project with Evaluation Kits, Emulators, Components and Software development tools. Analog Devices India shall mentor and support the project through the following support e-mail ID: Anveshan@analog.com. In addition to this dedicated e-mail ID, students are encouraged to approach ADI support forum “EngineersZone™” at http://ez.analog.com/

Предпочтительные тематики:
  • Развлекательные комплексы (мультимедийные системы)
  • Домашние системы безопасности и наблюдения
  • Автомобильные системы, навигация, системы помощи водителю
  • Робототехника
  • Промышленная автоматика
  • Экологичная энергетика и решения по сбору/хранению энергии
  • "Интернет вещей" (Internet Of Things)
  • Технические новинки
  • Здравоохранение: биомедицинское оборудование, вспомогательное оборудование
  • Другие инновационные решения

Winning teams in this challenge should exhibit good understanding of the usage, architecture, design and limitations. Team members should be students of a technology institute in India. Each team should have a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 5. Each team should get necessary permissions from their institutes and they should also have a faculty member as an advisor.

The Anveshan design could also be part of the student’s final year project with necessary approvals from the department and faculty advisor. 

Your entry will be judged mainly on the following criteria: 
  1. Innovative Concepts & Implementation
  2. Performance & Design
  3. Novelty of Application
  4. Testing Stratergy
  5. Performance of design
  6. Presentation & Team work 

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