Smart Partitioning and IoT System Development

Analog Devices’ Colm Prendergast introduces the concept of "smart partitioning" in Internet of Things (IoT) systems, demonstrating how developers can add intelligence at the right places in the IoT signal path to develop better insights. He'll then discuss how to leverage those insights, along with hardware kits and cloud development platforms, to build an optimized IoT solution.

Colm Prendergast joined Analog Devices in 1989 as a design engineer in Limerick, Ireland. During his career at ADI, Colm has led a wide variety of projects in the video group in Limerick, Ireland and the mixed signal, DSP, and automotive groups in Norwood, MA. He is currently the Director of IoT Technology. When not at work, he spends time building robots as a FIRST Robotics mentor. Colm received a bachelors degree in electronics engineering from University of Limerick, and a masters degree from University College Cork.